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A Printing Review

July 24, 2015


You’ve had just about enough of my wedding photos this week, but I thought I’d round the week off with a short review on some of the prints that we got done from an app on my phone, just in case you were thinking of doing the same thing. Polagram is one of the many apps available to order prints from, which is actually quite a nice experience once you get your photos onto your phone. Obviously this app is designed to take photos straight from your phone, so, because these were our professional photos, I had to send them to myself via email first so that I could save them and they would show up in my camera roll.

Polagram 2

Polagram 3

Once I’d done that, I did a tiny bit of editing in VSCO Cam, just to brighten them a little and make them perfect for small, interesting prints. The process for uploading and editing in-app was easy, and I managed to get a discount using a code I found online, so they worked out at a reasonable enough price. You can definitely get them done cheaper elsewhere, if you do a bit of digging and get a sale price at somewhere like Photobox, but I was pleased enough with what was delivered – again the delivery was not as fast as other companies, but a few days is fine.

Polagram 4

Polagram 5

I would like more options on print quality, if I’m being honest here. I usually like a matte finish to prints, and this wasn’t an option with this company so you can see there is some major shine and reflection on these prints. The quality itself is good enough, not the best I’ve seen, but I’m sure they’ll look great once displayed in a way that I choose. I don’t know that I would rush back to get more printed, based on my experiences, but I’d be willing to look at other products to see if they do some other good offerings on other items. I certainly don’t regret my purchase, but would maybe like a few more options.

Polagram 6

Please note that this content is not sponsored, just my opinion on a printing service.

Lucy's Wedding

Wedding Highlights Video

July 23, 2015

I was so excited when we got our wedding video back from our videographer and we were able to watch it almost exactly a month after our big day. It was great to re-live the ceremony and the speeches, especially when it’s all a whirlwind on the day and you’re trying to take in as much as possible, as well as watch all our guests enjoying the day as much as we did. As well as the full video, we also received a highlights reel, and this is what I’m sharing with you today. I hope you enjoy it and really get a feel for what our big day was all about.

Note: Try and up the quality to 720dpi at the bottom of the video if you can, you’ll notice the quality get better immediately.

Video by Foster Filming.

Lucy's Wedding - Photography

Wedding Photos: Part Three

July 22, 2015

The last portion of the wedding photos we’re sharing with you today. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look inside our wedding and what an amazing day we had. I look back at the day with nothing but fond memories, as we had the best time, although I’m glad that all the organising and cost is behind us now and we can look forward to all the adventures to come. Our highlights video is coming tomorrow and, again, is something I absolutely adore from our big day. Please do come back if you want to take a look. For now, the last of the photos. Enjoy.

Wedding Photos 49

Wedding Photos 50

Wedding Photos 51

Wedding Photos 52

Wedding Photos 53

Wedding Photos 54

Wedding Photos 55

Wedding Photos 56

Wedding Photos 57

Wedding Photos 58

Wedding Photos 59

Wedding Photos 60

Wedding Photos 61

Wedding Photos 62

Wedding Photos 63

Wedding Photos 64

Wedding Photos 65

Wedding Photos 66

Wedding Photos 67

Wedding Photos 68

Wedding Photos 69

Wedding Photos 70

Wedding Photos 71

Wedding Photos 72

Photos by Albert Palmer.

Lucy's Wedding - Photography

Wedding Photos: Part Two

July 21, 2015

Another batch of wedding photos to share with you today, in case yesterday wasn’t enough. This is mostly the middle portion of the day, just after the ceremony, with our guests and then the speeches. I love that so many of the pictures are natural and those in them are unaware that they are being photographed. Yes, we had some formal posed shots, but they were so few in comparison to the more natural style we love. Here they are, if you’d like to look.

Wedding Photos 25

Wedding Photos 26

Wedding Photos 27

Wedding Photos 28

Wedding Photos 29

Wedding Photos 30

Wedding Photos 31

Wedding Photos 32

Wedding Photos 33

Wedding Photos 34

Wedding Photos 35

Wedding Photos 36

Wedding Photos 37

Wedding Photos 38

Wedding Photos 39

Wedding Photos 40

Wedding Photos 41

Wedding Photos 42

Wedding Photos 43

Wedding Photos 44

Wedding Photos 45

Wedding Photos 46

Wedding Photos 47

Wedding Photos 48

Photos by Albert Palmer.

Lucy's Wedding - Photography

Wedding Photos: Part One

July 20, 2015

So, here they are, the first part of our wedding photos. I’m only actually going to post about 70 of the 580 photos that were taken of our big day, just to highlight our favourites and give you a feel for the day and what it was all about. I honestly adore these pictures and have already printed so many of them to use in various ways – I hope to share a post on everything we’ve done with them in the coming weeks, in fact. Here they are, if you’d like to see. The second part is coming tomorrow and the third on Wednesday, before I share our highlights video on Thursday. Get ready for wedding week!

Wedding Photos 1

Wedding Photos 2

Wedding Photos 3

Wedding Photos 4

Wedding Photos 5

Wedding Photos 6

Wedding Photos 7

Wedding Photos 8

Wedding Photos 9

Wedding Photos 10

Wedding Photos 11

Wedding Photos 12

Wedding Photos 13

Wedding Photos 14

Wedding Photos 15

Wedding Photos 16

Wedding Photos 17

Wedding Photos 18

Wedding Photos 19

Wedding Photos 20

Wedding Photos 21

Wedding Photos 22

Wedding Photos 23

Wedding Photos 24

Photos by Albert Palmer.