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Bridal Shoes

August 20, 2015

Once you have picked out your perfect wedding dress the next step is to look at what you might wear on your feet to compliment your choice, and these days there’s no excuse for not finding a pair you absolutely love as the selection available is vast. I’ve chosen a nude and gold pair with diamante detail for my wedding next year, and I hope they make an impact when guests catch a glimpse of them below my dress. It’ll be easy to make an impact in any of the pairs I’ve picked out below, so enjoy browsing.

Bridal Shoes

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Blog Planning

August 19, 2015

Blog Planner

If you’re a blogger yourself, you’ll know how much organisation it takes to keep posting regular, quality content for your readers. It can be overwhelming to keep it all in check, so any time I find something that can help, I jump on it. I saw The Bloggers Planner on Instagram at first, and was really intrigued to see what they were all about.

Blog Planner 2

Blog Planner 3

On taking a look at their range, I decided to purchase the A5 Bloggers Planner, with a hardback matt cover and with our blog’s name on the front. It arrived swiftly and I was very quickly pleased with what I’d bought. It is bulky, but very well put together, and has everything you could need to plan content, as well as jot down ideas and keep track of any incomings and outgoings as part of your blogging business.

Blog Planner 4

Blog Planner 5

We’re not at that stage yet, so I see us using this more for our day-to-day content and ideas, as well as to track what works well for us and note down our visitor numbers, etc. but I’ve already started to use the ‘Content Ideas’ section to plan for the coming months. They also have some great extras, like quotes pages at the start of each month and some professional and personal goals to work towards.

Blog Planner 6

Blog Planner 7

I have a calendar on my computer, which is a simple way to keep track of blog posts, but you really need something this detailed to keep on top of all the different elements, even if it’s just to remind you of all the platforms you need to update linking to your newly posted content. Plus, I’m super into physical planners and stationery in general, so this suits me perfectly.

Blog Planner 8

Blog Planner 9

And because you can choose when your planner starts, you can pick one up at any time of the year, without having to worry that you’ve missed a chunk of months. If you don’t want to go with one of the larger planners right away, there are also a bunch of other products available. There is a day planner, content planner, menu planner, project planner, so there’s something for everyone with an online presence.

Blog Planner 10

Blog Planner 11

This isn’t a sponsored post and I haven’t been gifted the planner, I just feel like it’s a great resource for us bloggers and anything that can help us to get our stuff together can only be a good thing.

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Marquee Lighting

August 18, 2015

Even if you didn’t know what it was called, you will have come across marquee lighting at some point or another, whether it be at a local bar or restaurant, or maybe even at a friend’s wedding, where it’s becoming more and more popular to have large lettering of the bride and groom’s initials displayed. Depending on the style, it can either create a simple and elegant atmosphere or a more laid-back vintage vibe. If you don’t want to fork out a few hundred pounds to buy one, they are readily available to hire for events, or you can find loads of tutorials online to make your own, in fact I will be going back to basics and creating a mini illuminated ‘H & G’ for my wedding next year, so I will be sure to post a how-to guide when I get around to it. For now take some inspiration for the selection below.

Marquee Lighting

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Beauty - Shopping

New Beauty Buys

August 17, 2015

New Beauty Buys

Yes, I enjoy it when I can save enough money to buy some luxury beauty items, but there are also times when I discover great, more reasonably priced products that work just as well. This month has been one of the times where I’ve picked up a few bits and pieces on the cheaper end of the scale, especially as I’ve got them with money off or on offer – bonus!

New Beauty Buys 2

Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-On

This was half price, which was just a happy accident as I’ve been looking for something cooling for my tired eyes for a little while. I don’t just use it in the morning either, I pop a bit on whenever I need a little wake up help or my eyes are a bit puffy. It contains a bunch of vitamins, as well as cucumber, which is perfect for sensitive skin and it’s a great remedy for for your tired eye problems.

No 7 Cream Blush in Mango Sorbet

A gorgeous coral colour to give your cheeks a pop of brightness. I’ve fallen for cream blushes over the past couple of years, my most recent being Bobbi Brown, so I was looking for a suitable, but cheaper replacement and I got some money off this one. It’s super blendable and can also be layered, so it gives as much colour as you want it to. The texture is lovely and I would recommend this as a great quality, creamy blush.

New Beauty Buys 3

Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It (H)air Styler

This was the most expensive of the products I’ve featured here, but I’ve always heard amazing things about Bumble and Bumble and haven’t bought any hair products since getting my hair cut into a bob. This is for when you want to air dry your hair, but want more texture and body than leaving it completely alone. I haven’t given it a go yet, but from the reviews I’ve read, it can only mean good things for me and my hair. Can’t wait to give it a chance.

New Beauty Buys 4

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection in 43

I don’t buy lipsticks a lot, I tend to just stick with the same product for a while and then replace it with something similar, but this new nude collection from Rimmel looked to be just right for something subtle and pretty. They’re all gorgeous, but this brownish-nude was ideal for me and is perfect when you want some colour without anything over the top. I’m not a loud make-up person, so paired with some mascara and foundation coverage, I’m set to go.

Loreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation in Vanilla

This is a foundation with the right coverage for a not-too-heavy look while still having the consistency to even out colour and tone of the skin well. I don’t know if it has quite the staying power of more expensive brands, and the colour doesn’t quite adjust to your skin the way that others can, but it’s the perfect everyday product, especially when used with other good products.