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Wedding Appropriate Disney Music

May 15, 2015

Disney Music

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Everyone likes to inject aspects of their personality or things that they love into their wedding day – whether that be your favourite colour, or your passion for flowers. It’s such a great way to personalise your day and to make it unique to you. As you’ve probably realised by now, I’m a big Disney fan and have thought a few times about the ways we can incorporate this area of my life into this our day (find some ideas here). One way I thought would be ideal is through music. Disney music is so often amazing and the idea of using some of those iconic songs in a wedding seems like such a special idea. Although I won’t give away what we’re doing for our wedding (we like to keep things a surprise), here are a few of my favourite Disney movie songs, which would fit perfectly into such a special occasion.

Tale as Old as Time (Beauty & the Beast)

I See the Light (Tangled)

A Whole New World (Aladdin)

Married Life (Up)

Can You Feel the Love Tonight (The Lion King)

Lucy's Wedding

One Month Out

May 14, 2015

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Even writing that there’s only a month ’til my wedding gives me such a ton of mixed emotions, that I find it hard to try and comprehend it all. One month from today I will likely to getting my hair or make-up done with my bridesmaids and my mum all around me, preparing for the most important moment of my life so far. I know many people feel a different way about marriage than most people did some 50 years or so ago, but it’s always meant a huge deal to me and I know that I am serious about entering into it with everything I’ve got. I’m so excited to marry my best friend and soon call him my husband – carrying on our life together, totally committed and in it for the long haul. We are this close to having everything nailed down, with the last appointments booked in and only a few decorative details to sort out. It is going to be such a special time and I can’t wait for it to arrive now – these last few days are going to be the best yet, I just know it!

Health & Wellbeing

Zumba: My Favourite Exercise

May 13, 2015


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Everyone has their own favourite way to exercise and stay active. Some are road runners, others stick to the confines of a gym, and some only like to work out at home, in front of a workout DVD. I’ve done a ton of different things over the last decade or so, going to the gym three times a week, going for regular(ish) jogs and also giving workout routines a go. If I’m honest, I wouldn’t say I LOVED any of it, but I suppose these things have to be done if you want to stay fit, healthy and active. At the beginning of this year, I shared how I planned on getting fit and healthy this year, and it didn’t necessarily involve what I’m talking about in this post, but I’m all about adapting to find things that you enjoy. Zumba is not a new phenomena – it’s been around since the 90’s – but I’d only been to one class before this year, and that was for charity. My mum has been going for a couple of years now, twice a week, and loves it as a regular exercise routine and she persuaded Hana and I to give it a go a few months ago. And now we’re into it too! We don’t go more than once a week, to fit in with other things going on in our lives, but we’ve found it to be a great way to exercise and get the blood pumping. I need something more interesting than a treadmill to keep me motivated, so energetic dance routines are just up my street, especially if I can sing along, as well as work out! It can work out expensive if you’re going twice a week, every week as you pay for classes individually in most cases, but as a supplement to at-home workouts, it’s been awesome. Whatever your first choice is when it comes to working out, at least you’re getting up and doing something – give yourself a pat on the back for that – just have a little fun with it.

Pinterest - Summer

May Mood

May 12, 2015

As much I like to find the good in all times of year, there’s no denying that I’m a summer girl at heart. I can’t wait for the coming months, when the sun is high, the days are long and the world seems a little brighter. I tend to dress brighter, to get outside more and just generally get to enjoying down time just a little bit more. I’ve found a bunch of pins recently that are making me even more excited for the next season, just hoping there was some Summer beach travel in my future.

May Mood Board

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DIY - Freebies - Wedding Inspiration

5 Wedding Printables

May 11, 2015

Everyone needs a bit of help when it comes to the planning of wedding details – to take things up to the next level when you don’t have the artistic skills to do that yourself. There are a ton of people online who are willing and kind enough to give you a helping hand, and for free too! I’ve taken so much inspiration from the internet when it comes to DIYs for my wedding (I find it hard to fathom how people came up with ideas before the web existed) and it’s so great that there are so many lovely ladies out there looking to help out brides-to-be. Here are five of my favourite free wedding printables.

Wedding Printables 1

Wedding Printables 2

Wedding Printables 3

Wedding Printables 4

Wedding Printables 5

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