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Creative Wish brought the two of us together online in May 2011. We have both been running websites for several years, but this was our first foray into blogging together and we are enjoying every minute. We are twins in our mid twenties with media degrees and a passion for sharing things with the world. This is our place to share everyday musings, from baking recipes to fashion inspiration, interior design ideas and crafty DIY projects, and we also bring you inspirational ideas we find all over the web. We are both in offive jobs from Monday-Friday, but we make as much time as possible to bring this blog to you, updating daily on the things we love and appreciate. So, who are we? Let us introduce ourselves.

About Us - Lucy


Lucy – I adore:

my boy, being a twin, anything coral, baking, polka dots, photo booths, cities, statement rings, pink blush, candid photographs, nude shoes, nail polish, english breakfast, driving in the sunshine, floral wallpaper, fairy lights, iced coffee, gadgets, stationery, disney, glitter, inspirational quotes, greece, music, list making, american tv, bows, interior design, tattoos, dresses, vintage, being crafty, family, oversized handbags, bright flowers, hugs, fireworks, cocktails, live shows, creative writing, vacations, manicures, pedicures, the beach, date nights, umbrellas, giving gifts, fate, saturday mornings, my home.

About Us - Hana


Hana – I love:

walks on the beach, weekends away, fairy lights, shopping, dark nail polish, painting, tattoos, midi skirts, Tiffany blue, all things floaty and girly with an edge, strawberries, peonies, cuddling on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, having a tan, statement jewellery, pop culture, vacations, surprise presents, seeing singers/bands live, songs that I can relate to, late lunches, cinema stubs, photobooths, exploring cities, fate, cushions, photoframes filled with memories, that Friday feeling, cocktails, horoscopes, eating out, bows and ribbons, picnics, theme parks, spa days, birthdays and Christmas, my bestie, my fiance.

Photos by Rhian Clarke Photography.

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