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Creative Wish brought the two of us together online in May 2011. We have both been running websites for several years, but this was our first foray into blogging together and we are enjoying every minute. We are twins in our mid twenties with media degrees and a passion for sharing things with the world. This is our place to share everyday musings, from baking recipes to fashion inspiration, interior design ideas and crafty DIY projects, and we also bring you inspirational ideas we find all over the web. We are both in offive jobs from Monday-Friday, but we make as much time as possible to bring this blog to you, updating daily on the things we love and appreciate. So, who are we? Let us introduce ourselves.



go-to-drink: iced caramel macchiato
celebrity crush: joe manganiello
favourite time of year: summer
guilty pleasure: watching fixer upper
favourite disney character: baymax
three favourite TV shows: scandal, scream queens, hannibal
celebrity style icon: lauren conrad
favourite holiday destination: florida
quote i love: “with brave wings she flies”
favourite colour: gold







go-to-drink: hot chocolate
celebrity crush: chris hemsworth
favourite time of year: christmas
guilty pleasure: doritos and dip
favourite disney character: bambi
three favourite TV shows: scandal, the walking dead, game of thrones
celebrity style icon: jessica alba
favourite holiday destination: mexico
quote i love: “if you’re making mistakes it means you’re out there doing things”
favourite colour: turquoise





Photos by Rhian Clarke Photography.

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