Things to do with: Twine

We’ve already given you some ideas on what you can do with washi tape and ideas for gold leaf, so now it’s the turn of baker’s twine to shine. This pretty string, which is such a staple of many crafter’s DIY kit, can be used for any number of crafting purposes, and I personally have used it several times in making little bits and pieces, mostly around Christmas time for wrapping or decorating. Take a look below at some of the ideas I’ve gathered up to show you a few of the possibilities.

Baker's Twine 1

1. Container Tags | 2. Autumnal Wreath | 3. Decorative Cupcakes | 4. Christmas Garland.

Baker's Twine 2

5. Christmas Jars | 6. Apple Picture | 7. Decorative Pumpkins | 8. Pin Heart Art.

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