Gift Ideas - Valentine's Day

Affordable Valentine’s Gift Ideas

February 11, 2013

I’m sure we would all like to be able to afford a big, lavish gift to give to our other half on Valentine’s Day this year, but sometimes (especially as the expensive Christmas season was only a few weeks ago) it just isn’t feasible to spend a lot of money on gifts. And the small, thoughtful gifts, I’m sure, will be just as appreciated as any large one would be, as long as it comes from you. I know I personally would rather receive something that my boy has put some thought into, even if it costs nothing, rather than something that cost a lot of money but didn’t have any creativity of thoughtfulness in it. So, take a look at the kinds of things I’ve found when looking around, just to get you inspired.

Affordable Valentine's Gifts Ideas

001. Love Shopper | 002. Heart Jewellery Tree | 003. Heart Teapot | 004. Glass Heart Lantern | 005. 31 Days of Kisses | 006. Heart of Hearts Superslim Umbrella | 007. Brushed Heart Pendant | 008. Love You To The Moon and Back… Picture | 009. LOVE Frame Jaunty Angle

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