DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations

I have been a bit partial to making simple Christmas decorations over the years (see here, here and here), so I thought I’ve give it another go this year. I don’t like anything that’s going to take a ton of time, or that requires way too many supplies, so I’ve stuck with something simple, which can totally be customised to the colours you have chosen for your Christmas decorations this year. These clay snowflake decorations only really require oven-bake clay, a couple of cookie cutters and then supplies to hang them up, so nothing complicated at all. We’re using mint/aqua and peach/coral, with pops of metallic and white this year, so I decided to follow that route with these colours for my snowflakes, but pretty much anything will work. I love how these turned out and love how they look on our tree – a really lovely addition.


  • Blocks of oven-bake clay – 6 blocks of 56g clay made 12 mixed decorations
  • Parchment paper
  • Rolling pin
  • Snowflake cookie cutters – in 2 sizes
  • Paintbrush – to make a hole in the clay [not pictured]
  • White paint pen [not pictured]
  • String
  1. Warm one block of clay up by rolling it in your hands – this will make it easier to roll out. Lay out some parchment paper, place your ball of clay on top and then cover with another piece of parchment. Roll out until approximately a quarter of an inch thick, ensuring it’s big enough to fit the largest cookie cutter on top.
  2. Cut out the first snowflake shape, rolling up excess dough to create a couple more snowflakes in different sizes. Repeat with each block of clay.
  3. This is where you can customise your flakes as you like, placing some of the smaller sized ones on top of the larger ones, or just keeping them separate – it’s up to you. They should stick together easily, and mine didn’t come apart after baking, so they worked well placed together. Just remember, they will be heavier with a couple of layers, so take that into account based on the strength of your tree branches. I didn’t do any more than 2 layers.
  4. Make a hole near the top of each snowflake, large enough to fit your string through.
  5. Place the snowflakes on the parchment paper on baking sheets and bake according to the packet instructions – mine was half an hour at 100C/210F.
  6. Allow to cool, before drawing on some snowflake style patterns using a white paint marker – again, customise to taste, anything which will make your flakes pretty and snow-like. Push a few inches of string into the holes and tie up at the ends.
  7. Hang on your tree and admire.

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 1

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 2

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 3

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 4

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 5

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 6

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 7

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 8

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 9

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 10

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 11

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 12

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 13

DIY: Simple Gold Painted Pumpkins

Gold Painted Pumpkins

Last year, the pumpkins in our house were super pretty – a little mixture of plain, metallic and glittered (see here) – and I loved them. This year, to go with the Mini Pumpkin Place Settings, I thought I’d keep it simple with just a bit of gold paint. I bought a few different shaped pumpkins, for a bit of interest, and just went with whichever patterns took my fancy. The thing with anything like this is that I don’t want it to look perfect or neat, I want it to be rustic and most definitely with imperfections. And the pumpkins I bought this year weren’t nearly as perfectly rounded, clean and free of dings and misshapen areas, so it all pretty much worked in my favour.

Gold Painted Pumpkins 2

The instructions here are pretty simple – grab some acrylic paint, in a colour that’s going to stand out – think white, black and metallics, some paint brushes, and go to town covering the pumpkins in whatever patterns you feel like.

Gold Painted Pumpkins 3

Gold Painted Pumpkins 4

Gold Painted Pumpkins 5

Gold Painted Pumpkins 6

Gold Painted Pumpkins 7

DIY Mini Pumpkin Place Setting

Mini Pumpkin Place Settings

This is a super simple little table setting for you to use through the Autumn season, when pumpkins, even these gorgeous mini ones, are easy to find in most food stores. I love how they look set up with a simple black and white card, alongside wood and paper, as well as some pops of gold. And it’s using the spray paint I bought for the gold letter magnets I did in July, so it didn’t even require me to buy new supplies besides the pumpkins – always a plus in my book. Here’s how it goes.


  • Mini pumpkins
  • Gold spray paint
  • A sharp knife
  • Black card
  • Scissors
  • White marker
  1. Take your pumpkins and spray paint into a well-ventilated area – I went in my back yard, which is always the best bet – and cover the area you’re working in.
  2. Spray the pumpkins with one coat of paint, leaving to dry for between 45 and 60 minutes, depending on the individual spray’s instructions.
  3. Use a sharp knife (be very careful) and make a slit on the top of each pumpkin, about a third of the way back.
  4. Cut a couple of small rectangles out of the black card (I used a credit card as a template) and write your names on with a white marker.
  5. Push the card into the slits on the pumpkins and display on your table.

Mini Pumpkin Place Settings 2

Mini Pumpkin Place Settings 3

Mini Pumpkin Place Settings 4

Mini Pumpkin Place Settings 5

Mini Pumpkin Place Settings 6

Mini Pumpkin Place Settings 7

Mini Pumpkin Place Settings 8

Halloween DIY: Simple Clay Garland

Halloween Clay Garland

I’m a big garland fan – this you should know by now (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) – so I didn’t see how Halloween could be another holiday that would pass by without some kind of garland display DIY to bring you guys. This one is made with clay in varying colours, some appropriately shaped cookie cutters, a bit of glue and some string or twine. Easy peasy. If you want to give this one a go yourself, read on.


  • Clay in Halloween colours
  • Halloween cookie cutters
  • Long skewer
  • Glue gun (optional)
  • Black wool
  1. Start by thinning out your clay, either by pushing it down or by using a rolling pin until it’s about a quarter of an inch thick.
  2. Push a cookie cutter down onto the clay, pushing it down, so that the pattern on the cookie cutter impresses onto the clay.
  3. Pull the excess clay from around the cookie cutter and pry the rest off (use the skewer if it gets stuck). Tidy up the edges by rubbing it down. You should get a couple of shapes out of each piece of clay.
  4. Make small balls of clay from the leftovers, and stick the skewer through the middle, big enough for the wool to thread through.
  5. Press the balls onto the back of the shapes, before baking the clay according to the packet instructions.
  6. Use the skewer to push the wool through the holes on the back. If you would rather attach the wool directly to the decorations, use a glue gun and leave to dry.

Halloween Clay Garland 2

Halloween Clay Garland 3

Halloween Clay Garland 4

Halloween Clay Garland 5

Halloween Clay Garland 6

Halloween Clay Garland 7

Halloween Clay Garland 8

DIY: Simple Bunting

The venue in which we’re having our engagement party is fairly plain so to brighten it up we will be decorating the hall with lots of pretty things. I wanted to save some money by making many of the decorations myself so this is my first creation. This is made using napkins, doilies and a length of ribbon, with double-sided tape for sticking. It couldn’t be simpler and cheaper to make a unique party piece that would add a bit of gorgeousness to any room. You could even hang it in your home to liven up a boring wall, just pick a napkin that would fit with your decor and that’s it!





What You’ll Need

  • Patterned napkins
  • Doilies
  • Ribbon
  • Double-sided tape
  1. Fold the first doily in half, placing the ribbon between the fold, and sticking the two sides together using double-sided tape.
  2. Fold the first napkin in half, so that two opposite corners of the square are touching, creating a triangle shape. Place the ribbon between the fold, and stick the two sides together using double-sided tape.
  3. Repeat these steps until your bunting reaches your desired length. Hang your bunting and enjoy!


DIY: Frosted Quote Mirror

A friend of ours is in the process of buying her first house so we have been thinking of ideas of presents to buy her as a moving in gift. She is someone who really appreciates homemade gifts, I think because she doesn’t possess the same creative capabilities as Lucy and I. Having seen a can of frosting spray when I’d been out shopping for crafting supplies, I came up with the idea of creating a piece of wall art using a mirror and a thoughtful quote. It turned out exactly as we’d hoped and we know our friend will absolutely love the thought and effort that we have put into it.


What You’ll Need

  • A mirror
  • Frosting spray paint
  • A4 white sticker


  1. Type your chosen words on to an A4 sized page in Photoshop. I used Brannboll in size 160pt.
  2. Print these words on to your A4 sticker and cut them out.
  3. Clean the mirror thoroughly and stick the words on in your chosen position.
  4. Take your mirror and frosting spray outside or to a well ventilated area. Completely cover the mirror using the frosting spray, following the instructions on the side of the can.
  5. Apply approximately 3 coats of the frosting spray, making sure that the paint is completely dry before applying each.
  6. Once the last coat is dry, slowly peel off the words one-by-one to reveal your masterpiece! 
  7. Fix your mirror on your chosen wall using the fixings provided.