Easter Ideas: Egg Painted Tote Bag

Egg Painted Tote Bag

I’ve had a go at making printed canvas bags before (here and here), as they are such an easy little DIY project. Those bags were made using transfer paper, my printer and Photoshop, but this one is even more simple, as it’s been made with fabric paint and buttons. It’s just an easy Easter craft that can hold all the little chocolate goodies that we all crave over the holidays, so give it a go.


  • A cotton tote bag
  • 2 pieces of white card
  • Fabric paint
  • A selection of buttons
  • Glue and scissors
  1. Make a template by drawing a couple of egg shapes onto a piece of white card and cutting out the centres.
  2. Place the other piece of card inside the tote bag to stop the fabric paint from seeping through to the back.
  3. Place the template on top of the tote bag and paint over the egg shapes with fabric paint using a paint brush. Move the template around and paint as many eggs on as you like.
  4. Leave the paint to dry.
  5. If you want your tote bag to be washable you’ll want to seal on the paint using an iron (follow the individual instructions on your paint).
  6. Glue or sew on a variety of buttons to decorate the eggs and the empty spaces in between (sew them on if you want the bag to be washable, otherwise just use craft paint).
  7. Leave it all to dry before using it to carry around all your Easter goodies.

Egg Painted Tote Bag 2

Egg Painted Tote Bag 3

Egg Painted Tote Bag 4

Egg Painted Tote Bag 5

Egg Painted Tote Bag 6

Egg Painted Tote Bag 7

Egg Painted Tote Bag 8

Photo Credit: Lucy

Easter Ideas: Egg Garland

Egg Garland

You’ll know by now that I’m a garland fan (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day), so why wouldn’t I give one a go for Easter?! Again, this is so incredibly simple that it can barely be considered a DIY, but it’s something you’re making yourself that will make your home look pretty this season, so let’s not worry about the technicalities. You just need a needle, some thread and some appropriately shaped eggs for this project, and how far you go with it is up to you. I used two types of eggs for this: one was some pre-painted speckled foam, and one was yellow, glitter baking clay, which I pierced using a needle. Done.


  • Baking clay
  • Foam eggs
  • Needle
  • Cotton
  1. Divide the baking clay into even pieces – I got 5 eggs out of mine, but if you make them a little smaller then you’ll get more.
  2. Pierce each egg with a needle to create a hole through the egg before baking according to the packet’s instructions.
  3. Once baked and cooled, collect together, alongside any other eggs you’ve chosen to use. Alternatively thread each type of egg onto the cotton using the needle, for as long as you want your garland to be.
  4. Hang in an appropriate spot in your home and enjoy.

Egg Garland 2

Egg Garland 3

Egg Garland 4

Egg Garland 5

Egg Garland 6

Egg Garland 7

Egg Garland 8

Egg Garland 9

Egg Garland 10

Photo Credit: Lucy


Easter Ideas: Treat Box

Easter Ideas: Treat Box

I feel like Easter is the kind of holiday where kids should get involved in all the crafting. Everything is so colourful and filled with chocolate that how can they not want to be included in the festivities? That’s where super simple crafts come in, as they can feel like they’ve created something entirely on their own and come up with something pretty and practical at the end of it. These sweet little treat boxes fit the bill a treat, as they take the minimal amount of time to make, look so cute and fun and can be used for many Easters to come. And because all you need is a little cardboard box, a tiny amount of paint, some glue and pastel coloured buttons, it’s pretty much as cheap a craft as you can get. My cardboard box cost less than £1, but you can probably get them cheaper if you buy in bulk, and I think the paint and buttons should be in light, pastel colours, just to capture the feel of Spring and Easter.


  • A small oval shaped cardboard box
  • Paint, preferably in a light, pastel shade
  • Craft glue
  • A selection of buttons
  1. Paint a light coat of paint on the outside of the box and on the top and sides of the lid. Don’t worry about painting the inside, the cardboard finish looks pretty nice. Leave to dry.
  2. Paint a light coat of craft glue on the top of the lid and then arrange a selection of buttons on top, adjusting as necessary so that most of the space is filled. Some of the buttons might slightly hang over the edge, but the basic egg/oval shape will be shown so don’t worry. Also, try not to leave too much space in between the buttons, but a little won’t matter as the paint makes a lovely background.
  3. Let it dry and fill the box with little Easter treats. As it’s quite small, you will only get a few eggs or coins in there, which is great if you’re trying to limit the amount of treats you’re handing out. You could opt to fill it with something other than chocolate if you’d rather, anything that fits really.

Easter Ideas: Treat Box 2

Easter Ideas: Treat Box 3

Easter Ideas: Treat Box 4

Easter Ideas: Treat Box 5

Easter Ideas: Treat Box 6

Photo Credit: Lucy


DIY: Decorated Cork Board

DIY: Decorated Corkboard

This little DIY takes no time at all, and is adaptable depending on what it is you want to store or display in your home. I bought this corkboard to store the pieces of jewellery that I wanted to leave out of a jewellery box in case they got tangled, but it can also be turned into a noticeboard or inspiration board to pin up photos, inspirational prints or little decorations. I decided to go for a neutral cream base and add gold polka dots, but you can really go with any pattern you’d prefer. I also decided to go with wooden push pins, but you can mix those up with a few colours if you can find some you like that’ll go with your decor.

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 1

First, paint your corkboard in one shade – I used a light cream colour – with either a paintbrush or a sponge brush. Leave to dry completely. If you want a more solid colour, paint another coat. I wanted a more sheer finish, so left it to one.

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 2

Pour some gold (or whatever colour you’d like) paint onto a plate and, using a cork, dab polka dots onto your corkboard, tapping off any excess paint onto the plate. Either you can place them randomly, like I did, or you can measure the space between the spots to make them even.

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 3

Leave to dry. That’s about it, really. Once you get to this point you can pop anything you want onto the board using push pins. I’ve ended up with a hybrid of both the bulletin board and the jewellery storage, as I have both necklaces, photos and decorations hung up on mine. I’m sure it’ll adapt over time, as I find different uses for it, but it’s working pretty well right now.

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 4

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 5

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 6

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 7

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 8

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 9

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 10

Tutorial & photos: Lucy

DIY: Memory Box

DIY Memory Box

There are so many different ways to display or keep memories these days, either in scrapbooks, photobooks or photo albums, but it’s also great if you can incorporate important photos or keepsakes into a piece for your home, on display for all to see. This is why memory boxes are so great – you can switch up what’s inside them depending on what important moments have taken place, but you can also change the colour scheme if your home decoration choices change or you decide to display your box in a different room. Hana was given this particular box by our sister this past Christmas and it was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift, especially seeing that it was homemade and featured a few of her treasured memories.

DIY Memory Box 1

DIY Memory Box 2

To make your own memory box, simply buy a wooden box frame, with adequate space for little goodies, a piece of fabric to adhere your items to, pins and a selection of things to fill your frame with. Hana’s box contains a couple of meaningful photos, some Christmas decorations (but which are appropriate for any time of the year) and a few vintage postcards, but the choice really is up to you.

DIY Memory Box 3

DIY Memory Box 4

Photo Credit: Creative Wish

DIY: Valentine’s Treat Pockets

Valentine's Treat Pockets

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Valentine’s Day to show someone that you care for them – it’s far more important to say just how you feel any time of the year instead of buying gifts in February – but if you want to put something small together for someone you love, then this DIY is ideal. There are just a few items needed to make these sweet little treat pockets, and are perfectly sized to pop in a few small bits of candy, some make-up and a love note. You can either use Valentine’s love themed words to adorn the front of the pouches, or personalise them, as I did to one, by using someone’s name. It’s also nice to adjust the placement of the letter tiles, to make them a little different, but those kinds of choices are really up to you!


  • Hessian bags/pouches – these ones had little buttons to secure them
  • Canvas heart shapes – I bought these pre-made, but you could easily cut out your own from canvas material
  • Wooden letter tiles
  • Craft glue

Spread craft glue on the back of a canvas heart shape and adhere it to the front of the hessian pouch, pressing down to ensure it sticks completely.

Choose the word you are going to put on the front of the pouches and line the letter tiles up centrally on the heart. Put a dab of craft glue on the back of each tile and adhere to the canvas heart securely.

Wait until the glue is dry and place some treats inside the pouches, closing them up once finished.

Valentine's Treat Pockets 1

Valentine's Treat Pockets 2

Valentine's Treat Pockets 3

Valentine's Treat Pockets 4

Valentine's Treat Pockets 5

Valentine's Treat Pockets 6

Valentine's Treat Pockets 7

Valentine's Treat Pockets 8