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Wedding colour scheme

August 26, 2015

Having sorted out most of the major decisions in relation to my wedding next year, including the venue, caterers, photographer and cake, I’m now starting to think of ideas of how to prettify the venue to make it look as beautiful as possible. Having already chosen pink bridesmaid dresses, I thought it would be a good idea to extend the colour scheme to include other pastel shades such as baby blue and lilac, and I managed to find lots of lovely goodies that will fit in perfectly.

Wedding Colours 1

I managed to pick up three woven baskets in my chosen hues, and will probably use these during the ceremony and reception to hold homemade confetti, maybe cards from our guests and perhaps extra goodies for our guests. I’m in the process of making my own confetti using flowers that are just about to wilt; you dry them out as quickly as possible and they keep their vibrant colour beautifully.

Wedding Colours 2

Wedding Colours 4

As well as creating some of my own DIY projects, I have also bought a few extra ready-made details to hang. I plan on painting various sized mason jars using chalk paint, to fill with flowers and use as centrepieces on the round tables. In the run up to the big day, I will be posting how-to guides for anything I make so keep checking back.

Wedding Colours 3

Craft Ideas - DIY - Easter

Easter: DIY Nest Basket

April 1, 2015

Easter Treat Nest Basket

This is another super easy Easter DIY to collect a few simple treats this week, if you’re lucky enough to be spoiled by a loved one (or by yourself, of course). I had all of these supplies in my home, so really couldn’t be simpler and takes nothing but a few minutes to put together. These look so cute dotted around your house collecting little sweets for any guests you might have pop by this weekend and keeps treats within easy reach for when you fancy something a little naughty.


  • Berry boxes
  • Felt in a couple of shades of green
  • Shredded tissue paper
  1. Cut out some grassy triangles from your sheets of felt and use craft glue to stick them on the inside rim of your berry box.
  2. Grab a handful of shredded tissue paper and stuff it into the berry box – use as much or as little as you want, depending on what you’re filling your little basket with.
  3. Fill with treats.

Easter Treat Nest Basket 2

Easter Treat Nest Basket 3

Easter Treat Nest Basket 4

Easter Treat Nest Basket 5

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DIY: Simple Charm Bracelet

March 11, 2015

Simple Charm Bracelet

I’m a firm fan of simple jewellery – in fact, you’ll rarely see me wearing anything but my engagement ring, one extra ring and a pair of stud earrings. I often wear necklaces and a watch on the weekends, but I definitely don’t go overboard, and there’s a lot to be said for an understated look, especially when you’re like me and wear colours and patterns in your clothes. Something delicate can add just a special touch to your whole look, and a little personal piece definitely takes it up a notch. I’ve made a few bracelets over the years – friendship bracelets made of cotton threads or some little clay beads usually – so developing this a bit and trying new things is definitely something I like to give a go.This one is super easy and super purse-friendly, so if you’re looking for an extra gift for someone, then I recommend giving this a go.


  • Threading cord – approximately 35cm for each bracelet
  • Charms
  1. Thread your charm onto your threading cord – you can either leave it loose, so it’ll move around, or you can keep it in place with a loose knot. Pass the left end of your thread over the top of the right end, to create one large circle.
  2. Pinch your bracelet where the two threads cross over each other. Create three loops by wrapping the right end of the thread over the rest of the thread three times. Then push the thread from left to right through the middle of the loops you’ve made. This will create a knot once you pull it tightly, which you can now do.
  3. Turn the bracelet over and repeat the same step, so that you now have two knots a short length apart. Pulling and pushing on the loose ends of thread adjusts the size of the bracelet, to allow you to pop it on your wrist and then tighten it to keep it in place.
  4. This is super customisable, so just change the colour of the thread and the charms you pop on depending on the recipient of the bracelet.

Simple Charm Bracelet 2

Simple Charm Bracelet 3

Simple Charm Bracelet 4

Simple Charm Bracelet 5

Simple Charm Bracelet 6

Simple Charm Bracelet 7

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My Instagram Album So Far

February 26, 2015

My Instagram Album So Far

The idea of printing my Instagram photos and displaying them in an album was always appealing to me – they never really got looked at just being online and what fun are they just stuck on a computer for noone to look at? I’ve had an account for just over 3 years now and although I don’t use it religiously (about 750 photos over that time is just right, I think), I love the pictures I’ve got and have so many happy memories associated with them that keeping them in a cute little album seemed like a great idea.

My Instagram Album So Far 2

It takes so few supplies – just a mini album, some photo sleeves and your printed photos. You can specifically get your photos printed into the sizes you need (either 2″ x 2″ or 4″ x 4″), but these are more often than not more expensive than simply getting them printed to 6″ x 4″ and cutting them out. It’s more time consuming to make 2 x 2 collages, add borders to make them the correct size and to do all that cutting, but the savings are quite significant, so I figured I could deal with that.

My Instagram Album So Far 3

I also added a few Photoshop brushes or lightened the photos up a bit, just to make them a bit more appealing, which added just a little extra something. I might add some embellishments in the future, once I’ve got all the photos in the album and if I fancy making them a bit prettier, but for now they’re good as they are and I’m just happy to have them all in one place.

My Instagram Album So Far 4

I think eventually I’ll end up with a bunch of different albums, and I’m excited for that and to be able to look back over the years, but this was a pretty big task for now, so I think from now on I’ll try and tackle it yearly as I’m doing with my larger Project Life album.

My Instagram Album So Far 5

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DIY: Engagement Gloves

February 24, 2015

Engagement Gloves

It’s all very well getting engaged during the Summer (like I did) when your hands are conditioned, your nails are freshly manicured and there are no wooly gloves in sight. But for those ladies who get engaged during the Winter, it’s not so easy, or fun, to make it noticeable that you’re newly engaged, when your hands aren’t necessarily on show. These gloves combat that just perfectly – the most simple of projects, and it makes it abundantly clear to all those around you, that you have a new ring hidden under that toasty layer. These aren’t designed to last you months, just the first couple of weeks, when you want just about everyone you come across to know that you said yes!


  • A plain pair of gloves
  • Nail striping tape
  • Decorative jewels, the kind which have adhesive on the back
  1. Grab your gloves, select the right digit and apply a strip of tape around the base, having them meet at the back.
  2. Attach a decorative jewel on the front, right in the centre.

Engagement Gloves 2

Engagement Gloves 3

Engagement Gloves 4

Engagement Gloves 5

Engagement Gloves 6