DIY: Simple Charm Bracelet

Simple Charm Bracelet

I’m a firm fan of simple jewellery – in fact, you’ll rarely see me wearing anything but my engagement ring, one extra ring and a pair of stud earrings. I often wear necklaces and a watch on the weekends, but I definitely don’t go overboard, and there’s a lot to be said for an understated look, especially when you’re like me and wear colours and patterns in your clothes. Something delicate can add just a special touch to your whole look, and a little personal piece definitely takes it up a notch. I’ve made a few bracelets over the years – friendship bracelets made of cotton threads or some little clay beads usually – so developing this a bit and trying new things is definitely something I like to give a go.This one is super easy and super purse-friendly, so if you’re looking for an extra gift for someone, then I recommend giving this a go.


  • Threading cord – approximately 35cm for each bracelet
  • Charms
  1. Thread your charm onto your threading cord – you can either leave it loose, so it’ll move around, or you can keep it in place with a loose knot. Pass the left end of your thread over the top of the right end, to create one large circle.
  2. Pinch your bracelet where the two threads cross over each other. Create three loops by wrapping the right end of the thread over the rest of the thread three times. Then push the thread from left to right through the middle of the loops you’ve made. This will create a knot once you pull it tightly, which you can now do.
  3. Turn the bracelet over and repeat the same step, so that you now have two knots a short length apart. Pulling and pushing on the loose ends of thread adjusts the size of the bracelet, to allow you to pop it on your wrist and then tighten it to keep it in place.
  4. This is super customisable, so just change the colour of the thread and the charms you pop on depending on the recipient of the bracelet.

Simple Charm Bracelet 2

Simple Charm Bracelet 3

Simple Charm Bracelet 4

Simple Charm Bracelet 5

Simple Charm Bracelet 6

Simple Charm Bracelet 7

My Instagram Album So Far

My Instagram Album So Far

The idea of printing my Instagram photos and displaying them in an album was always appealing to me – they never really got looked at just being online and what fun are they just stuck on a computer for noone to look at? I’ve had an account for just over 3 years now and although I don’t use it religiously (about 750 photos over that time is just right, I think), I love the pictures I’ve got and have so many happy memories associated with them that keeping them in a cute little album seemed like a great idea.

My Instagram Album So Far 2

It takes so few supplies – just a mini album, some photo sleeves and your printed photos. You can specifically get your photos printed into the sizes you need (either 2″ x 2″ or 4″ x 4″), but these are more often than not more expensive than simply getting them printed to 6″ x 4″ and cutting them out. It’s more time consuming to make 2 x 2 collages, add borders to make them the correct size and to do all that cutting, but the savings are quite significant, so I figured I could deal with that.

My Instagram Album So Far 3

I also added a few Photoshop brushes or lightened the photos up a bit, just to make them a bit more appealing, which added just a little extra something. I might add some embellishments in the future, once I’ve got all the photos in the album and if I fancy making them a bit prettier, but for now they’re good as they are and I’m just happy to have them all in one place.

My Instagram Album So Far 4

I think eventually I’ll end up with a bunch of different albums, and I’m excited for that and to be able to look back over the years, but this was a pretty big task for now, so I think from now on I’ll try and tackle it yearly as I’m doing with my larger Project Life album.

My Instagram Album So Far 5

DIY: Engagement Gloves

Engagement Gloves

It’s all very well getting engaged during the Summer (like I did) when your hands are conditioned, your nails are freshly manicured and there are no wooly gloves in sight. But for those ladies who get engaged during the Winter, it’s not so easy, or fun, to make it noticeable that you’re newly engaged, when your hands aren’t necessarily on show. These gloves combat that just perfectly – the most simple of projects, and it makes it abundantly clear to all those around you, that you have a new ring hidden under that toasty layer. These aren’t designed to last you months, just the first couple of weeks, when you want just about everyone you come across to know that you said yes!


  • A plain pair of gloves
  • Nail striping tape
  • Decorative jewels, the kind which have adhesive on the back
  1. Grab your gloves, select the right digit and apply a strip of tape around the base, having them meet at the back.
  2. Attach a decorative jewel on the front, right in the centre.

Engagement Gloves 2

Engagement Gloves 3

Engagement Gloves 4

Engagement Gloves 5

Engagement Gloves 6

DIY: An Engagement Gift Basket

Engagement Gift Basket

It can be tough to think of a unique gift for a newly-engaged friend when there is so much choice out there, from prints and champagne to home decor items and wedding planners. You know by now that I love a well put together gift basket, so making one for a gal pal who has just said ‘Yes’ is a gift idea that’s right up my street. You can include pretty much anything you want in something like this, depending on the lady herself and what she likes, but I’ve picked out some ideas here for you in case you’re looking to put something together.


  • A basket or container
  • A thoughtful card, to write a note inside
  • Wedding magazine
  • Wedding journal, for all her planning notes
  • Fragranced candle, to remind her of this special time when she smells the scent
  • Nail polish and hand cream, for showing off her ring (this nail polish is also called Diva Bride)
  • A cute mug
  • Strawberries and cream body wash
  • Heart shaped chocolates

Just fill the basket up with all the little goodies you’ve collected, making sure to write a thoughtful note in the card about why this particular lady is special to you and how lucky she is to be experiencing such a special time in her life. This is a chance to spoil her, so take the opportunity and run with it.

Engagement Gift Basket 2

Engagement Gift Basket 3

Engagement Gift Basket 4

Engagement Gift Basket 5

Engagement Gift Basket 6

Engagement Gift Basket 7

Engagement Gift Basket 8

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations

I have been a bit partial to making simple Christmas decorations over the years (see here, here and here), so I thought I’ve give it another go this year. I don’t like anything that’s going to take a ton of time, or that requires way too many supplies, so I’ve stuck with something simple, which can totally be customised to the colours you have chosen for your Christmas decorations this year. These clay snowflake decorations only really require oven-bake clay, a couple of cookie cutters and then supplies to hang them up, so nothing complicated at all. We’re using mint/aqua and peach/coral, with pops of metallic and white this year, so I decided to follow that route with these colours for my snowflakes, but pretty much anything will work. I love how these turned out and love how they look on our tree – a really lovely addition.


  • Blocks of oven-bake clay – 6 blocks of 56g clay made 12 mixed decorations
  • Parchment paper
  • Rolling pin
  • Snowflake cookie cutters – in 2 sizes
  • Paintbrush – to make a hole in the clay [not pictured]
  • White paint pen [not pictured]
  • String
  1. Warm one block of clay up by rolling it in your hands – this will make it easier to roll out. Lay out some parchment paper, place your ball of clay on top and then cover with another piece of parchment. Roll out until approximately a quarter of an inch thick, ensuring it’s big enough to fit the largest cookie cutter on top.
  2. Cut out the first snowflake shape, rolling up excess dough to create a couple more snowflakes in different sizes. Repeat with each block of clay.
  3. This is where you can customise your flakes as you like, placing some of the smaller sized ones on top of the larger ones, or just keeping them separate – it’s up to you. They should stick together easily, and mine didn’t come apart after baking, so they worked well placed together. Just remember, they will be heavier with a couple of layers, so take that into account based on the strength of your tree branches. I didn’t do any more than 2 layers.
  4. Make a hole near the top of each snowflake, large enough to fit your string through.
  5. Place the snowflakes on the parchment paper on baking sheets and bake according to the packet instructions – mine was half an hour at 100C/210F.
  6. Allow to cool, before drawing on some snowflake style patterns using a white paint marker – again, customise to taste, anything which will make your flakes pretty and snow-like. Push a few inches of string into the holes and tie up at the ends.
  7. Hang on your tree and admire.

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 1

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 2

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 3

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 4

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 5

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 6

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 7

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 8

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 9

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 10

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 11

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 12

DIY: Clay Snowflake Decorations 13

DIY: Simple Gold Painted Pumpkins

Gold Painted Pumpkins

Last year, the pumpkins in our house were super pretty – a little mixture of plain, metallic and glittered (see here) – and I loved them. This year, to go with the Mini Pumpkin Place Settings, I thought I’d keep it simple with just a bit of gold paint. I bought a few different shaped pumpkins, for a bit of interest, and just went with whichever patterns took my fancy. The thing with anything like this is that I don’t want it to look perfect or neat, I want it to be rustic and most definitely with imperfections. And the pumpkins I bought this year weren’t nearly as perfectly rounded, clean and free of dings and misshapen areas, so it all pretty much worked in my favour.

Gold Painted Pumpkins 2

The instructions here are pretty simple – grab some acrylic paint, in a colour that’s going to stand out – think white, black and metallics, some paint brushes, and go to town covering the pumpkins in whatever patterns you feel like.

Gold Painted Pumpkins 3

Gold Painted Pumpkins 4

Gold Painted Pumpkins 5

Gold Painted Pumpkins 6

Gold Painted Pumpkins 7