Style Saturday: Pastels

Nothing says Spring to me quite the way that pastel colours do. They are pretty, light and add a gorgeous pop of colour coming out of drab palette of winter and make everything feel more fresh and light. I prefer to have a little tan on my skin when I first reach for these shades (mostly from a bottle or make-up), as I feel like they have a slight tendency to wash skin out a little, but once the sun hits for real this season then it’ll be difficult to get me out of these hues. Here are a few picks of things that have caught my eye over the past couple weeks.

Style Saturday: Pastels

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Style Saturday: Christmas Eve and Day

Today, we’re bringing you two Style Saturday inspirations – one for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas Day. Obviously what you decide to wear on both of these occasions will depend entirely on what you’re plans are, but we’ve gone with a dress and high heels look for the day itself and a little more casual, but still sparkly and perfectly appropriate look for the day before. We’ve got family gatherings happening on the two days, so I’m excited to bring out a couple outfits which not only look great, but which are comfortable too, as it’s not much fun to wear something with little give if you’re having a large meal, or shoes which pinch after a couple hours. Plus, everything here, and everything we choose over Christmas is super reasonably priced, with all the gift buying and travelling going on we could all do with cutting things back a bit. Whatever you’re doing in the coming week to celebrate the festive season, have fun!

Style Saturday - Christmas Eve 2013

1. Sequined Top | 2. Grey Aztec Panel Leather-Look Sleeve Waterfall Jacket | 3. ASOS Large Face Boyfriend Watch | 4. Elegant Jewel Short Drop Earrings | 5. Superstretch Trousers | 6. Black and Burgundy Panel Mottled Mini Satchel | 7. Cecilia Toe-cap Ballerina Flats | 8. Seche Autumn Collection Nail Polish.

Style Saturday - Christmas Day 2013

1. Abbey Lace Chiffon Skater Dress | 2. Shine On Tights | 3. ASOS Star Long Pendant Necklace | 4. Dogeared Silver Small Bow Ring | 5. Nails in Bittersweet | 6. Fern Bando | 7.  Silver Look Mini Leaf Earrings | 8. Black Embellished Court Shoes.

Style Saturday: An Early Christmas Dinner

Some of our family is getting together this weekend to celebrate Christmas, as everyone gets so super busy when it gets closer to the big day, so I thought it might be fun to put together a fun outfit post based on this event – over-the-top Christmas sweater and all! In fact, the whole family are due to wear their most Christmassy jumpers to the occasion, so we’re all going to look as silly and festive as each other. See if this doesn’t make you feel completely ready for December, and all the fun that goes with it!

Style Saturday: Early Christmas Dinner

1. Black Jolly Fluffy Christmas Jumper | 2. Leopard Print Scarf | 3. Bravo Tassle Boot | 4. Elegant Jewel Short Drop Earrings | 5. Too Faced Colour Bomb Lipstick | 6. Models Own Artstix Nail Polish Duo | 7. Charcoal 2pp 80D Opaque Tights | 8. Red Metal Plate Belted Waffle Skater Skirt.

Style Saturday: Coats

This time of year generally brings coats and jackets out of storage and into the limelight, as the colder weather draws in and all we want to do is snuggle into a fluffy lined outer layer. I am a big fan of investing in a new coat every autumn/winter, not an expensive one, or anything of a show-stopper, just something that is going to last me through the colder months and do its job of keeping me warm and dry. It’s nice to have a couple of different choices, dependent on whether it is cold, rainy or mild, so I’ve picked out a few different choices below, each with it’s own special reason to be included (whether that be a pretty colour, a cosy hood or warming material).

Style Saturday: Coats

1. Khaki Aztec Detail Faux Fur Trim Hooded Parka | 2. Parka | 3. Shearling And Leather Aviator | 4. SNO Panelled Puffa Jacket | 5. Womens Check Duffle Coat | 6. Grey Neppy Contrast Sleeve Waterfall Jacket | 7. Two Tone Biker Coat | 8. Burgundy Quilted Hooded Jacket | 9. Madison Faux Fur Jacket by Goldie.

Style Saturday: Birthday Evening

It’s always nice to dress up a bit for your own birthday, putting on something with a bit of sparkle, or donning some heels to make you feel fancy. This is especially fun if it’s a cold November evening, and you’re spending an evening in a romantically lit restaurant with your beloved and you’re eating the most delicious food and sipping on a little champagne (this was most definitely a one-off, and I am so appreciative of my fiancé for putting in so much effort). So, here is the kind of outfit I would favour on an occasion such as this one, complete with a few beauty picks and accessory choices.

Style Saturday: Birthday Dinner

1. Printed Lace Top | 2. Bouclé cardigan | 3. Hard Shell Bag | 4. Gold Tone Diamante Bow Stud Earrings | 5. Cream and Gold T-Bar Heels | 6. MOTO Blue Rinse Jamie High Waisted Jeans | 7. Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick | 8. Essie Bottle Service | 9. Color Riche Lip Intense Pink Fever.