Style Saturday: Sequins!

I don’t know about you, but I ADORE sequins – anything that has a bit of sparkle sets my heart a-flutter, and what better time than the holiday season to break our your most sassy and sequined attire. I have a gorgeous sequined midi skirt I plan to wear through the coming weeks and looking around the net for my favourite items is spurring me to pick up a few more pieces before November is done and I’m fully immersed in all things Christmas. Take a look at some of the things I’ve picked out, you might find something that catches your eye.

Style Saturday: Sequins

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Style Saturday: Halloween Costumes

I adore Halloween, and I really wish we had big plans to celebrate this year, however, we don’t have anything much to do right now. I love dressing up, putting a big effort in and spending some time with loved ones on such a fun holiday and searching for costumes online is something I very much enjoy. Over the years, when going out with our friends, we’ve gone with a few different kinds of costumes, from the fun to the flirty, but I’m really drawn to the creepy looks this year and I find myself wanting to grab some face paint and go all out with something scary. Now, some of the costumes here aren’t what you might consider super scary, but they’re all definitely on the eerie side and I would have great fun dressing up as any of these. Someone invite me to a Halloween party!

Style Saturday: Halloween Costumes

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P.S. This is our 1,000th post! That’s pretty exciting and I’m glad that we’re still going strong, 3 and a half years in. Thanks for sticking with us guys.

Style Saturday: Fall Colour Dresses

We’re not having much of Fall around these parts at the moment – the sun is continually making an appearance and it’s only really first thing in the morning that the temperatures are slightly dipped – so dressing for the time of year is getting to be a bit tricky. This weekend we’ve decided to embrace it’s quirkiness and straddle the Summer-Autumn line perfectly with some cooler dresses in suitable Autumnal shades. Layering is always going to be the key with pieces like this, so we’ve also got an extra layer handy, just in case, but we’re really enjoying the weather right now so we’re not over here complaining.

Fall Colour Dresses 1

Fall Colour Dresses 2

Fall Colour Dresses 3

Fall Colour Dresses 4

Fall Colour Dresses 5

Fall Colour Dresses 6

Dress: Hollister | Sandals: New Look | Watch: Michael Kors | Rings: Various

Fall Colour Dresses 7

Fall Colour Dresses 8

Fall Colour Dresses 9

Fall Colour Dresses 10

Fall Colour Dresses 11

Fall Colour Dresses 12

Dress: Forever 21 | Boots: New Look | Jacket: New Look | Necklace: New Look

Style Saturday

I think most people assume that you need to be super skinny in order to wear a crop top but we’ve proved below that’s not true. Lucy’s teamed a bejeweled grey crop top with a patterned skirt and court heels for a perfect evening look. I went for a more casual look wearing a cropped Bambi top with plain, blush shorts and cork wedged heels.

crop_top001 crop_top002 crop_top003 crop_top004 crop_top005

Top: Hollister | Skirt: Next | Shoes: New Look | Bag: Dorothy Perkins

crop_top006 crop_top007 crop_top008 crop_top009 crop_top010

Top: Primark | Shorts: Miss Selfridge | Bag: River Island | Shoes: Matalan

Style Saturday: Smart Dresses

I always like to have a couple of dresses in my wardrobe that I can call on when an unexpected occasion might arise…an engagement party, christening party, birthday party. I tend to stick with styles and colours that can be worn year-round, layered as needed, so they can be as versatile as possible, left on their own in Summer, or paired with a jacket and tights during the Winter. I’ve recently been looking around for something now that we’re transitioning into Fall and I have a couple of things to attend, so I thought I’d let you in on my search, picking a few out that caught my eye. I find it so much fun to do this kind of shopping, ordering online and trying lots of things on at home before I finally make a decision, so I’m looking forward to getting started!

Style Saturday: Smart Dresses

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