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One-Piece Picks

May 19, 2015

Everyone has their favourite choice of swimwear – whether it’s a high wasted bottom, or a strapless top – it’s as unique to you as any other fashion choice. Although I’ve always worn two piece swimwear on the beach, I’ve been really intrigued by one-pieces this year and think I’ll be buying a couple to take on our honeymoon later on this year. Sometimes it’s nice to feel a little more covered up, especially if you’re not interested in tanning your mid-section while on the beach, and to change things up a bit. I like variety in all areas of life, so I wouldn’t expect this to be any different. Who knows what I’ll be into next year, but for now here are a few one-piece favourites.

One-Piece Picks

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Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

March 19, 2015

Now that I’ve got a couple of appointments booked for me to try on some wedding dresses, I’ve started to think about what dresses I would like to see my bridesmaids wearing. With 6 girls in total, it means there’s quite a few shapes and sizes to take into account so I’m thinking carefully about what style will suit them all, as I want them to look beautiful but also feel comfortable on the day. I haven’t decided on a definite colour scheme yet, but I love the muted pastel tones that seem to be popular at the moment, my particular favourite being a dusky lilac/taupe sort of shade. Here’s a selection of dresses I’ve liked while I’ve been looking around, all of which are from ASOS, which I’ve found a particularly useful source because it stocks so many different brands.


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Wedding Guest Dress Season

March 10, 2015

We’re getting towards the time of year when you start receiving all those wedding invitation, who knows, you may have even received a few already. So, if you’ve got some Spring and Summer weddings planned, then it’s best to get ahead and start looking at buying a dress now – while there’s so much gorgeous choice, and your still early enough to avoid someone else getting the same thing as you. I’m a planner, and love to know that my outfit is sorted well ahead of time, so I see nothing wrong with getting sorted now, especially if you have a few occasions to attend and you want to get the most value out of your purchase. Here are a few of my favourites when it comes to occasion wear.

Wedding Dress Season

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Colour Crush: Blush

January 22, 2015

I feel like my favourite colours vary significantly depending on what aspect of my life we’re discussing. For example, in terms of decorating our home, warm greys would be my first choice, whereas if you look in my wardrobe then blue would probably feature the most – so I’m pretty surprised when a colour makes it onto my radar and makes me want to wear it, decorate with it, feature it in my wedding, etc. This is exactly how I feel about blush. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been a heavily pink person, but there’s something about this specific shade that I’m absolutely smitten with, and when you mix it with gold then I am just in heaven. It’s made a big appearance in recent years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, so I’m just going to keep enjoying it completely, from clothes and accessories to soft furnishings and homeward pieces. Here are a few items that have been catching my eye in this, my current colour obsession.

Colour Crush: Blush

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Golden Globes Fashion Picks

January 12, 2015

Another awards season, another couple of months watching the red carpet intently to see what everyone is wearing. No, it’s not important, in the grand scheme of what’s going on in the world, but why not just enjoy it if we can. Last night was another night of fashion triumphs and failures, and so I thought I’d come along and decide on a few of my favourites. See below if you agree with my choices.

Golden Globes 2015 - Fashion Favourites

Emma Stone; Reese Witherspoon; Anna Kendrick; Emily Blunt; Diane Kruger; Jenna Dewan-Tatum; Kate Beckinsale; Ellie Kemper; Greer Grammer

Photo Credit: E! Online