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Personalised Wedding Hangers

February 1, 2016

Personalised Wedding Hangers

When it comes to weddings, I’m of the opinion that you should personalise as many aspects of the day as you can to make it as unique as possible. I think it’s lovely to include lots of this within the ceremony and reception but it’s also a nice touch to incorporate it into presents to your wedding party, so that they have a long lasting reminder of the day. These hangers by Bespoke Laser UK are a great example of this, and will make a brilliant photo opportunity when we’re getting ready in the morning. The company offers lots of personalised wooden pieces that can be incorporated into your day including memory boxes, guestbooks and table plans. Another thing I love about them is that they’re local, so it didn’t take long for the order to arrive, and there was no risk of having to pay any extra taxes that’s always a risk when ordering from international companies. I’m sure my bridesmaids will love them as much as I do!

Personalised Wedding Hangers

Personalised Wedding Hangers

Personalised Wedding Hangers

 Personlised Wedding Hangers

 Personlised Wedding Hangers

Personlised Wedding Hangers

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A selection of my birthday gifts

November 16, 2015

birthday presents 1

As you may know last weekend Lucy and I celebrated our 29th birthday. It was a lovely relaxed few days spent in the company of our family and friends. We were both extremely lucky and received some amazing presents from our loved ones and I thought I’d take this opportunity to show you just a selection of what I received.

Zara tan cardigan

This was actually a present I already knew I was receiving as my sister, who bought it for me, also owns the same cardigan and I had admired it on her when she’d worn it. I have already worn it a number of times as it’s great for keeping me warm at this time of year and keeps me super cosy. It’s a neutral colour so goes with loads of things in my wardrobe so I should get lots of wear out of it.

birthday presents 2

Wish jar

This was a very thoughtful gift from one of my best friends in the world. It’s a wish jar that we will be able to use at the wedding that allows guests to write their well-wishes to use on a small ticket and post it into the jar as a fun alternative to a traditional guestbook. I thought this was an unusual idea that I will love to use on the big day.

Hollister pale blue jumper & necklace

As my fiancé and I are currently saving for our wedding next year, we’d decided not to spend much on each other for our birthdays, instead we went into town and picked out a couple of smaller presents instead. Both the jumper and the necklace were from Hollister and they add a lovely bit of sparkle to my wardrobe.

birthday presents 3

Lauren Conrad earring set

Being from the UK means that we don’t have easy access to many of Lauren Conrad’s products and as big fans of hers, this is a big disappointment for me and Lucy, so while Lucy was over in Florida last month, she took the opportunity to pick up a few bits and pieces including this earring set that I absolutely love.

Lip balm set

Dried, cracked lips is something I often suffer with at this time of year, so I will always have a lip balm or two in my handbag in case I need it. Lucy knows this about me and so bought me a Maybelline set containing 3 different varieties; one clear methol flavoured stick, one coral and one pink. They’ll definitely come in handy in the next few months as the cold sets in.

birthday presents 4

‘Dream big’ picture

My mum is very good at finding unusual gifts. Her and my dad tend to discover adorable little gift shops whenever they go on weekends away, and they use the opportunity to buy lovely unique presents for me and my sisters, and this birthday was no exception. I love the ‘dream big’ message written on to the pebbles, and I think it will take pride of place in our home.

birthday presents 5

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My Illamasqua Makeup Buys

November 13, 2015

illamasqua makeup 1

You may remember a couple of weekends ago I mentioned that my finance and I were hosting a birthday/Halloween party at our house. I dressed up as a vampire, and as much as I love doing my own make-up I thought it would be a good opportunity to get my make-up done for me, as I didn’t have all the colours I would have wanted to use. I chose to visit my local Illamasqua counter as I’d heard very good things about the brand from my sister, and I’m sure glad I took her advice as the make-up was amazing. I was able to purchase some pieces up to the price of the makeover, so I picked an eyeshadow palette, a blusher and some false eyelashes. Here’s what I thought of my choices.

illamasqua makeup 2

Neutral Palette

I’m the sort of person who usually has a few eyeshadow palettes on the go at a time as I like to have a choice of colours, depending on my mood and the occasion. This palette provides a small selection of nude shades, with a mixture of shimmery and matte finishes, and it’s great if you want a lighter daytime look or darker nighttime feel. It allows you to create the perfect smoky eye effect, and as the colours are really pigmented you don’t need to use much.

illamasqua makeup 3

Powder Blusher in Sophie

I chose this piece as the Estee Lauder blusher that I’ve been using for the past couple of years is just coming to an end and I thought this would be a great replacement. It’s so pigmented that you only need a tiny amount to add a bit of colour to your cheeks, but you can layer it to create a more dramatic look, so it should last me just as look as my last. I much rather peach tone blushers than pink so this was a brilliant choice.

illamasqua makeup 4

False Eye Lashes in Doe

I absolutely love these dramatic eye lashes. They were a brilliant addition to my make-up look as they really made my eyes stand out. I think they would be a little too bold for a normal night out, but for occasions when I want to make an impact, they will be perfect. The glue provided was extra strong so there was no chance of them falling off, which meant I didn’t feel the need to keep it close to hand.

illamasqua makeup 5

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DIY: Instagram Gift Box

September 7, 2015

DIY: Instagram Gift Box

This is such a simple DIY, but is still sure to be treasured by the recipient, as it’ll contain their treasured memories packaged up in the prettiest way. I love receiving photo gifts and I also love giving them to others, so this crafty DIY is right up my street. I printed these images using Polagram, which I reviewed here, just to give you an idea about the quality of these prints I’m using. Here you go on the simple steps.


  • Box big enough for 4×4 prints
  • Decorative accessories (tape, glitter, letters, etc)
  • Box filling / shredded paper
  • Prints
  1. Fill your box with the shredded paper, enough so that the prints sit will sit nicely on top.
  2. Decorate the lid of your box with lots of nice pretty things. I used gold detail washi tape, some gold glitter dots and some gold sticky letters. All were a couple of pound and were things I had around the house in my craft box.
  3. Pop your prints inside, close the box up and hand to the recipient.

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 2

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 3

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 4

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 5

DIY: Instagram Gift Box 6

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Mason Jar DIY Ideas

September 2, 2015

I recently purchased some mason jars that I plan to use as centerpieces on the tables at my wedding next year, and as the jars came in packs of 4 or 6, I bought 12 of each size. As we will not be having that many tables, I have found myself with a few jars left-over so it got me thinking about what I might do with the spares, as I would hate for them to go to waste. I quickly discovered there is a huge amount of DIY ideas on Pinterest that would make great use of the jars, so I’ve posted a few of my favourites below. I just have to decide whether I want to use them as gifts or keep them for myself!

Mason Jars