Bright Floral Print Homeware

I’m not sure about you but when I think of summer, something that instantly comes to mind is flowers, so it’s lovely to make the most of being outdoors amongst all the bright and beautiful colours. Thankfully, so far this summer, we’ve had lots of lovely weather, but when we’re not so lucky, it’s nice bring some of the outdoors indoors by adding a bit of floral print to any room you choose.


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Photo Gift Ideas

Personalised gifts are my favourite and you don’t get more personal than incorporating a photo you’ve taken into a gift for another person. You can create a unique, one-off  present that any recipient will love. There are so many companies these days that print your photos or Instagram pictures on to various different items including cushions, cases for your phones and tablets, and some even create jigsaw puzzles.


001. Cushion – Asda | 002. Jigsaw Puzzle – Photobox | 003. iPad Case – Sticky 9 | 004. Tote Bag – Tesco | 005. iPhone 5 Case - Jessops | 006. Mug – Zazzle

DIY: Olive Oil & Almond Milk Soap

DIY: Soap

Soap making, much like candle making, is one of those things that you always think is going to be more difficult than it actually is when you give it a try. I hope to make a few different types of soap as the time goes on, just to find flavours and colours that I enjoy most, but for a first attempt this turned out pretty well. And it’s one of those crafts that would make a perfect gift for loved ones, wrapped simply in some kraft paper and string.


  • Olive Oil soap base (400g makes approx. 2 medium bars)
  • Scent ( I used 2ml of almond milk flavour)
  • Metal moulds
  • Dried flower petals (optional)

Cut the soap base into small chunks and place into a glass bowl. Put a small pan of water onto boil, turn down to a simmer and put the bowl on top of the pan.

Stir continuously until the soap base has melted completely and no lumps remain. Remove from the heat and add the scent.

Pour the soap into the moulds, leave for a minute and then add some dried petals on top, if you’d like.

Put the moulds into the freezer for 20 minutes to help the soap to set and to make it easier to remove the soap from the moulds.

If you have trouble removing the soap from the moulds, dip into warm water until they become loose enough to release.

DIY: Soap 2

DIY: Soap 3

DIY: Soap 4

DIY: Soap 5

DIY: Soap 6

Photo Credit: Lucy

Home Decor: Doormats

It seems like a bit of a boring post, but your doormat is one of the first things that people see when entering your home, so you might as well make it worth looking at. It welcomes people into your home without you having to say a word. You can keep it simple with just a word or two, or go for a bright abstract pattern to match the rest of your decor. A doormat can also make a great gift for a friend or family member when moving into a new or first home, as it may not be something they think of buying for themselves in the first few weeks.


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Simple Father’s Day Gifts

Our dad’s birthday usually falls within a week or two of Father’s Day and that can sometimes mean it’s quite difficult to think of gift ideas for both occasions. You get to any age when you’ve been buying presents for so many years that it can be tough to think of new and original ideas. That is why this year we’ve decided to keep it simple and have picked out items that our dad should get good use from. Put together with the gifts we will be giving him from Getting Personal, our dad will be getting spoilt this weekend.

Firstly, we chose a mirror that he could keep on the bathroom windowsill and use when shaving. This is something he doesn’t yet own, but has been talking about purchasing for a while, so I’m sure he’ll appreciate us getting this for him.

Next we bought a scented candle. I know this doesn’t sound like a typical gift for a man, but we bought this because my parents have a lot of candles in their house, but they all seem to have a more feminine scent, so we thought it was a nice idea to bring a bit 0f masculinity to the house with this sandalwood scented candle.

Lastly we picked a shower gel. Again, this is something he would get daily use out of, and is a bit more manly than a lot of the toiletries that you’d find in our parents home. We loved the simplicity of the packaging, including the colours used, and we think our dad will feel the same.

Personal Father’s Day Gifts

I’m such a big believer in spending a large amount of time picking out gifts for people – I love putting a ton of careful thought into what I buy for people on special occasions, and I really do think it shows, especially if you know the person super well. It can be gifts based around a hobby the person has, or something which you know they need or really want, but haven’t asked for. But my favourite gifts to give are those ones that contain something super personal, like old photos, or bring back old memories which the they would enjoy re-living. So, when Getting Personal gave us the opportunity to pick out some gifts for our own dad, we chose things that we knew he’d love and things we know you guys would enjoy seeing ahead of buying presents for your own special guy ready for June 15th.

Personal Father's Day 1

Personal Father's Day 2

Personal Father's Day 3

My mum and dad love entertaining, especially at Christmas when they enjoy nothing more than spending time with family and friends, so this cheese board is going to be one of those perfect additions to their buffet table. And my dad loves showing people gifts he’s received from his daughters, so this will be front and centre when they’re hosting.

Personal Father's Day 4

Personal Father's Day 5

Personal Father's Day 6

Personal Father's Day 7

I really enjoy reading about important historical events and I know that my dad enjoys  books that contain pictures that he can easily pick up and put down when he has some spare time, so this one, which contains photos from events for every year since a person’s birth is perfect. It starts with a personal message, followed by a newspaper front page from the day the person was born and then follows each year until the present day. I know he’s going to love looking back and remembering all those years in pictures.

Personal Father's Day 8

Personal Father's Day 9

Personal Father's Day 10

We adore photo gifts, depicting a good memory on something that the person will use often, so when we saw this tablet cover and were looking back through old photos, we knew this would be perfect. It’s such a great quality product, and I adore this photo of our family, so I can’t wait to hand this over to our dad and have him use it with his tablet every day.

This post was written in collaboration with Getting Personal. All words and opinions are our own.