Neutral tones: Homeware

It hopefully shouldn’t be long until me and my boy move into our first home together and we’re just at the stage when we’re starting to look at buying items to furnish it. We’re not planning on decorating as soon as we move in as we like the decor as it is, so to fit in with the current colour scheme, we’re looking at homeware in shades of cream and brown. To some people this combination may seem a little dull, but it’s surprising how many gorgeous pieces you can find in what may be deemed a quite boring tone. By keeping the majority of the decor neutral, it should be easier for us to add little pops of colour here and there, without having to spend out lots to redecorate a whole room.

001. 12 Piece Love Dinner Set; 002. Morphy Richards Traditional Kettle – Barley; 003. Ivory Crackle Pebble Lamp; 004. Suzie Jacquard Bedset; 005. George Home Sweet Home Doorstop; 006. Vintage Style Wood Effect Multi Aperture Frame With Mirrors; 007. Living White Washed Wooden Heart Wall Clock; 008. Sainsbury’s Natural Swallow Cushion; 009. Home Sweet Home Foil Canvas Print


Oh Joy! for The Land of Nod

I don’t have kids and won’t be having them for a few years yet, but I often think about what a kid’s room might look like in our home. It seems that people go a couple different ways when it comes to decorating for a little one – either they go super chic and make a room that’s pretty neutral and can be changed up to a more adult friendly type space; or they go really playful and hit it with a ton of colour and pattern to make a visually stimulating room that’s fun to be in. If I’m honest, I think I’d go with the second option, as I feel like a kid’s rooms should be bright and fun and full of life. I was overwhelmed when I saw the gorgeous range that Joy Cho of Oh Joy created with Target, so I wasn’t at all surprised when I also fell in love with each and every piece she has created for The Land of Nod. The colours and patterns are just adorable and would come together to make such a great space for a little. Here are a few of my favourites.

Oh Joy! for The Land of Nod

1. Ice Cream Pillow / 2. Sundae Best Bedding / 3. Pinwheel Rug / 4. Grey Stripe Plush Pachyderm / 5. Dotted Glow Table Shade & Half Karat Lamp Base / 6. Abstract Wall Art / 7. Pattern Party Bedding / 8. I Love Lamp.

Pretty Up the Outdoors

Since moving into our home nearly 2 years ago we’ve had problems with our garden and some slight flooding issues, but we’re due to have those problems sorted within the next couple of weeks, so I’ve been daydreaming about the possibilities of what we can do with the space when everything is back to how it should be. We’re going to get a shed and all those other simple things, but it’s also fun to think of all the pretty things that can fill any garden and make it a more enjoyable place to be. Here are a few things that I’ve been looking at this week.

Pretty the Outdoors

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

An Interior I Love

Sometimes I come across a home that I just fall in love with every aspect of. Some people know how to decorate houses perfectly and fill each space with such beauty that you feel like you could happily move in without changing a single aspect. I hope in the years to come to create a home exactly like that, but with money constraints, these kinds of things have to happen pretty slowly for us. I ultimately want our home to be a mixture of earthy neutrals and pops of colour, creating a homely and cosy environment in which are family can grow and live happily. This particular place belongs to Monika of The Doctor’s Closet and is simply perfection. For the full feature and tour head over to Style Me Pretty Living.

Interior 1-2

Interior 3-4

Interior 5-6

Interior 7-8

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

DIY: Decorated Cork Board

DIY: Decorated Corkboard

This little DIY takes no time at all, and is adaptable depending on what it is you want to store or display in your home. I bought this corkboard to store the pieces of jewellery that I wanted to leave out of a jewellery box in case they got tangled, but it can also be turned into a noticeboard or inspiration board to pin up photos, inspirational prints or little decorations. I decided to go for a neutral cream base and add gold polka dots, but you can really go with any pattern you’d prefer. I also decided to go with wooden push pins, but you can mix those up with a few colours if you can find some you like that’ll go with your decor.

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 1

First, paint your corkboard in one shade – I used a light cream colour – with either a paintbrush or a sponge brush. Leave to dry completely. If you want a more solid colour, paint another coat. I wanted a more sheer finish, so left it to one.

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 2

Pour some gold (or whatever colour you’d like) paint onto a plate and, using a cork, dab polka dots onto your corkboard, tapping off any excess paint onto the plate. Either you can place them randomly, like I did, or you can measure the space between the spots to make them even.

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 3

Leave to dry. That’s about it, really. Once you get to this point you can pop anything you want onto the board using push pins. I’ve ended up with a hybrid of both the bulletin board and the jewellery storage, as I have both necklaces, photos and decorations hung up on mine. I’m sure it’ll adapt over time, as I find different uses for it, but it’s working pretty well right now.

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 4

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 5

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 6

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 7

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 8

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 9

DIY: Decorated Corkboard 10

Tutorial & photos: Lucy

Willow Tree figurines

Name an occasion and I think you’d be pretty certain to find a Willow Tree figurine that represents it perfectly. Whether you want to say thank you, congratulations, or just want to show someone how special they are to you, the kind words that accompany each ornament will say it beautifully. I have purchased many over the years with the most recent being a birthday present for Lucy named, ‘Two Alike’, that I feel represents our unique bond as twins brilliantly.  With the neutral cream and brown colouring of each piece, they fit seamlessly into any room, so no need to worry about the decor of the room in which they will be proudly displayed.

All figurines above can be purchased here.