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What Would Your Name Be if You Were Born Today?

May 26, 2015

It’s funny to think how much name trends change your perception of how old a person is. For example, you may be able to guess the decade that someone named ‘Britney’ or ‘Sarah’ was born based purely on their first name. Of course there are always anomalies in this approach, as I’m sure there are a bunch of young ‘Elizabeths’ or ‘Dianas’, but these things usually follow a steady trend and it’s fun to see how much it’s changed. On you can pop your details into their little app and it’ll tell you how popular your name was back in the year you were born and then convert that to today’s popular names and figure out what you might have been called if you were born now. You can also see what your name might have been in every other decade from the 1890s to 2000s. It can pull up some funny results, if your name wasn’t super popular back in that year (my name was the 392nd most popular name back in 1986) and it’s also American, which can skew it if you’re from another country where your name would’ve been more popular, but it’s still fun to see. Give it a go for yourself, if you’d like, by clicking here.

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Taking Stock

May 22, 2015

A Day at the Beach 16

It’s been almost a year since I last did a ‘taking stock’ post and so I thought it was time to write one again – reflect on what’s going on in this busy and brilliant time of my life. I’m less than 4 weeks away from marrying the most amazing guy and I want to remember it all, forever!

Making: The last of my wedding plans – it all feels SO real and SO exciting! Schedules have been made, dress fittings are underway and so many things keep arriving in the mail!
Cooking: As much as I can in between all the madness. Looking forward to salad season, delicious and so easy!
Drinking: Water. So much water. Trying to keep away a cold.
Reading: Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey. Such an intriguing tale, and fascinating to see into the mind of an older person losing their memory.
Wanting: Everything I see. Waiting for my money to be mine again, once the wedding is over.
Looking: Forward to our Disney honeymoon. Currently researching cameras and camcorders to capture it all.
Playing: A bunch of fun songs, making a pre-wedding playlist.
Wasting: So much time on Pinterest, looking for last-minute wedding ideas I might just be able to pull off.
Wishing: That everyone could get a couple of weeks off work before getting married – the stuff I could get done is unreal!
Enjoying: Everything about this time in the lead up to the wedding – organising, seeing things coming together, getting creative – this is what life is all about.
Waiting: Patiently for Summer to arrive – we need some sunshine, people!
Liking: The inspiration I’m finding in every corner of the web. It keeps me motivated and inspired to keep reaching and dreaming.
Wondering: What it’ll be like to be a Mrs.
Loving: My family and how much a big celebration brings us all together.
Hoping: For good weather come the week of June 8th.
Marvelling: At home quickly my nephew grows up everyday – at 3 and a half, he’s the most entertaining person I know.
Needing: Some time off to relax.
Smelling: Chloe. I’ve chosen it as my wedding fragrance and I love it.
Wearing: Less colour than I’d like. That will change in coming weeks.
Following: Carrie over at Wish Wish Wish. Serious wanderlust.
Noticing: All the flowers. I’ve found a renewed love for blooms.
Knowing: Our wedding day will all fall into place, no matter what happens.
Thinking: A lot. I feel that sleep will soon begin to evade me as w-day gets closer.
Bookmarking: Recipes, recipes, recipes. I need to get back to baking.
Opening: So many parcels.
Giggling: At Episodes, the TV show. So good.
Feeling: Blessed. That I found my guy and we’re choosing to do life together. Officially. And that I have a family to share it with too.

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Personality Types

May 21, 2015


Image Credit: Corina

I have always been fascinated with personality types – how the decisions you make or the feelings you have towards situations categorise you into a specific type of person. It seems so simple and yet, the multiple times I’ve taken personality quizzes or questionnaires, I’m often surprised by how accurate the result is. I think these kinds of things can genuinely improve you as a person, if you’re willing to look at your negative traits and really make an effort to work on them, and I thought I’d share some results with you today. I took the 16 Personalities test (it was super quick) and got the following results:

Your personality type: “The Advocate” (INFJ-T)
Strength of individual traits: Introverted: 64%, Intuitive: 39%, Feeling: 62%, Judging: 69%, Turbulent: 51%.
Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Constant Improvement

It says that my strengths are as follows:

  • Creative – Combining a vivid imagination with a strong sense of compassion, INFJs use their creativity to resolve not technical challenges, but human ones. People with the INFJ personality type enjoy finding the perfect solution for someone they care about, and this strength makes them excellent counselors and advisors.
  • Insightful – Seeing through dishonesty and disingenuous motives, INFJs step past manipulation and sales tactics and into a more honest discussion. INFJs see how people and events are connected, and are able to use that insight to get to the heart of the matter.
  • Inspiring and Convincing – Speaking in human terms, not technical, INFJs have a fluid, inspirational writing style that appeals to the inner idealist in their audience. INFJs can even be astonishingly good orators, speaking with warmth and passion, if they are proud of what they are speaking for.
  • Decisive – Their creativity, insight and inspiration are able to have a real impact on the world, as INFJs are able to follow through on their ideas with conviction, willpower, and the planning necessary to see complex projects through to the end. INFJs don’t just see the way things ought to be, they act on those insights.
  • Determined and Passionate – When INFJs come to believe that something is important, they pursue that goal with a conviction and energy that can catch even their friends and loved ones off guard. INFJs will rock the boat if they have to, something not everyone likes to see, but their passion for their chosen cause is an inseparable part of their personality.
  • Altruistic – These strengths are used for good. INFJs have strong beliefs and take the actions that they do not because they are trying to advance themselves, but because they are trying to advance an idea that they truly believe will make the world a better place.

My weaknesses are these:

  • Sensitive – When someone challenges or criticizes INFJs’ principles or values, they are likely to receive an alarmingly strong response. People with the INFJ personality type are highly vulnerable to criticism and conflict, and questioning their motives is the quickest way to their bad side.
  • Extremely Private – INFJs tend to present themselves as the culmination of an idea. This is partly because they believe in this idea, but also because INFJs are extremely private when it comes to their personal lives, using this image to keep themselves from having to truly open up, even to close friends. Trusting a new friend can be even more challenging for INFJs.
  • Perfectionistic – INFJs are all but defined by their pursuit of ideals. While this is a wonderful quality in many ways, an ideal situation is not always possible – in politics, in business, in romance – and INFJs too often drop or ignore healthy and productive situations and relationships, always believing there might be a better option down the road.
  • Always Need to Have a Cause – INFJs get so caught up in the passion of their pursuits that any of the cumbersome administrative or maintenance work that comes between them and the ideal they see on the horizon is deeply unwelcome. INFJs like to know that they are taking concrete steps towards their goals, and if routine tasks feel like they are getting in the way, or worse yet, there is no goal at all, they will feel restless and disappointed.
  • Can Burn Out Easily – Their passion, poor patience for routine maintenance, tendency to present themselves as an ideal, and extreme privacy tend to leave INFJs with few options for letting off steam. People with this personality type are likely to exhaust themselves in short order if they don’t find a way to balance their ideals with the realities of day-to-day living.

SO many of these things are true about me, even if I don’t often admit the negatives to myself all the time. I’m genuinely impressed by how much this personality above sounds like me, and it really has made me assess the kind of person I am and the kind of person I want to be. The profile goes really in-depth on the kind of parent you are, the kind of partner you look for, and a bunch of other things and I’ve loved finding out a little more about what makes me tick. Go take a look and see what personality type you are, it might surprise you.

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Instagram: April 2015

May 1, 2015

I’m a big fan of the photos I’ve snapped this month, especially now that we’re getting better weather and can head outdoors a lot more than in the Winter months. I’ve been lucky enough to do some great things this month, including beach trips, wedding dress shopping with my sister, a wedding fair and a little trip to London. It’s been a lovely one, and things are set to get better in May, being just one month away from getting married! I’ve got big expectations, May, you hear me?!

Instagram: April 2015

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What’s in My Bag?

April 29, 2015

What's in My Bag

I’ve always thought that these posts are just a bit of fun, to get to know the person behind the blog, so I thought I’d give it a go myself. Now, be prepared from some pretty mundane things going on my bag, nothing exciting goes on in there, but these are those bits and pieces that I deem to be those essentials that I can’t leave the house without. Obviously, I’ve not included things like keys and money, as they’re pretty standard, but here’s a little explanation into why I carry some of these other items around with me.

What's in My Bag 2

Blotting papers – I’m prone to a shiny t-zone when I’ve been out and wearing make-up all day and I use these little pieces of paper to powder my nose and forehead when I don’t have access to much make-up. They are perfect for a quick touch up and I wouldn’t be without them.

iPod – I connect this to the sound system in my car, or listen while I’m at the gym or on a long train journey, so I like to keep it close at hand. It’s surprising how listening to your favourite tunes makes the time past, so I definitely welcome it on the daily commute.

Comb – Being out of the house for most of the day, I’m open to the elements and like to have a comb close by for when the wind or other conditions have gotten to my hair and leaves it in less than perfect condition.

Mints – I always grab a mint before a meeting, or if I haven’t eaten for a while, so I like to keep a stocked packet in my bag.

Hand sanitizer – I just feel a bit better having anti-bacterial gel on hand, in case the facilities on offer aren’t up to scratch or if I just want to freshen up my hands before eating.  I use it regularly and imagine it’ll be a staple in my bag for a long while.

Phone – This might be a no-brainer, but a phone is not just a way to stay connected to those important people. I use it most for the apps – weather, travel, restaurant reviews, etc. and couldn’t be without it. Yes, we probably do rely too much on technology these days, but I won’t be giving it up anytime soon.

Make-up bag and products – I carry very little around with me in terms of beauty products, just keeping a foundation stick, some lip balm and a small mirror at hand, but these are vital for me and make me feel so much better knowing they’re there when I need them.

Pen & planner – My planner is a bit battered now, as I use it so much, but it’s been vital these past couple of months when I’ve been crazy busy and want to ensure I know everything that’s going on. I also use it as a notebook, jotting things down when I need to, so I’d pretty lost without these two.

Hand cream – I’m prone to dry hands, so like to keep some hand cream on me, in case of them feeling chapped and sensitive. I’ve suffered quite a lot with this this winter, so am really grateful to this little tube of moisturiser.

What's in My Bag 3

What's in My Bag 4