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I’ve just finished my 2014 Project Life pages and, once again, I adore them. My style of scrapbooking using PL has been pretty consistent from the beginning – the best photos get in, there is only a small amount of journalling and it must be colourful. I’m all for those beautifully simple layouts, where photos are muted and there are few colours other than black, white and shades in between, but I’m from the colour camp, where the brighter things are, the happier they are. I also only scrapbook the best of my pictures, as I like them to be more of an overview of a great year, than a daily journal of life. With having physical photos in albums, as well as Instagram albums, I don’t feel it necessary to add all photos here, and I’m glad for that. I love looking at all the pages I’ve done and all the memories I’ve captured – 2014 was a good one!

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Marriage & Changing Your Name

Changing Names

The closer I get to my wedding day, the more I think about the things that are going to change after we say ‘I do’. I’m not expecting something major to shift in me and for me to start acting in new and strange ways, but I do expect my attitude towards my other half to change slightly given that we’ve made such a massive commitment to each other. One of the things that has been on my mind a fair bit recently is the change in my name. I have no problem with it being assumed that a woman who is entering into marriage will automatically change her name to match that of her new husband’s, however, I do think about the fact that I will miss my current surname terribly. I have an unusual surname, which I love and which, I believe, is so much a part of who I am – the fact that I feel like my whole identity will change once I take on a new one makes me kinda sad. Yes, it will be lovely to be a Mrs to my guy’s Mr and for us to share the same name as our future children, but I also feel like it’s a bummer that I’ll never be known by my previous name again. It’s especially defining in our family, where there are three daughters – our family surname will go no further than our generation once we’re all married – and that’s such a shame. I have massive respect for those ladies who choose to keep their birth name even after they get married, and can really see how it can be a positive thing tied to your identity as a person. Whatever each woman decides to do with her name once she ties the knot, it’s a big deal and something that should be thought about as being an individual decision, rather than something that is simply assumed to be correct one way or the other. I know it’s definitely a big one for me.

Inspiration Monday

We all need a bit of motivation on Mondays to get the week started on the right foot – we may not always feel enthusiastic when the alarm goes off and we have to get to work and leave the weekend behind. I find myself looking to motivational quotes to really give me the drive I need to sink my teeth into my to-do list and achieve as much as I can. My Inspiring Words Pinterest board is on of my largest and is chock full of so many amazing quotes and sayings which keep me going when I need a boost. Here are some of my recent favourites – have a great week.

Inspiration Monday - March 9th

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Fun Mother’s Day Ideas

Afternoon Tea 2

Mother’s Day is great, as it’s a day in the year when you can do all the fun and girl things that you want to do with your mum (or aunty, or sister, or best friend, any empowering female in your life) and really just enjoy each other’s company. It’s not about showering her with expensive gifts, although that’s fun too, it’s just about showing her how much you appreciate everything she has done and continues to still do for you. Mother’s Day in the UK is 15th March, so there’s still plenty of time to get planning, and even more if you’re in the US as it doesn’t come around until May. But either way, here are a few ideas on what you might choose to do on this special day with that special lady.

Afternoon Tea

Who doesn’t love an English afternoon tea? You can either go to a fancy hotel, or a little cafe, or even make your own at home, but this is the perfect opportunity to eat finger sandwiches and scones and sip on a good old fashioned cup of tea. I’ve had a ton of afternoon teas in my time and I haven’t found one that I didn’t love, so I’m hoping this is a tradition that long continues, and I can maybe enjoy this with my own children some day. My mum is also a big fan, so she would very much appreciate an afternoon spent like this, and you can even add champagne in some places if you’re feeling extra fancy.


Whether this is at-home manicures and pedicures or you choose to treat yourselves to a massage in a spa, just take some time out to really relax and unwind in each other’s company. It’s so rare that us ladies really take care of ourselves with a treat like this, but we all deserve it, so what better excuse than Mother’s Day when you can treat the most special lady with something so fancy? Plus, a lot of places will do great deals around times like Mother’s Day, so make the most of any packages on offer.

Movie Marathon

I don’t know about you, but my boy just doesn’t enjoy old, classic movies the way that I do, and I know that my mum would love them, so why not enjoy a movie marathon featuring all the greats? Have a theme – black and white, musicals, or even old romances – and sit back to enjoy a few hours of movie magic, with the screen heroes of years gone by. Pick out a movie from each decade too, it’s fun to see how films have come on since their invention and you’re sure to find something you love in there. Just make sure Breakfast at Tiffany’s is in there somewhere!


Baking with your mum in the kitchen is one of those childhood memories that many people share and it’s fun to get back in there to recreate some of those old times now that you can be a little more useful than simply making a mess. Choose a couple of things to make based on your shared skill level and go from there. You get to enjoy working together, but you can also sit down at the end of it with a cup of tea or coffee and sample what you’ve made. This is how family recipes are passed down through generations and what a shame it would be if that didn’t happen.

Take a Class

Are you both keen to learn a bit more about photography or would you both like to master the art of flower arranging? Find out about classes that are taking place locally to you and choose something that you would both enjoy learning a bit more about. There’s a bit of compromise involved here, if you can’t find something to agree on, but it’s always fun to learn a new skill, so keep an open mind. You’ll get a kick out of picking up something new and you’ll have something that you share, which will make it even more fun. It could also become a regular get together, if you both enjoy it, so it could last well past Mother’s Day.

Giving Up


I’ll start this post by saying that I’m not a religious person – not because I don’t respect that people have their beliefs, just because it was not the way I was brought up and I’ve just never explored that way of living. However, I do think it’s important to step back every once in a while and consider where I am in life and the ways in which I could perhaps improve within myself. That’s why, this year, my boy and I have decided to give up a couple of things for lent. As I say, we’re not religious, so we won’t be taking part in any of the other aspects of the period, just the self-denial portion, which we could both do with. We have both decided to give up takeout food and where I have given up alcohol the boy has given up fizzy drinks. To be honest, we don’t eat an absolute ton of takeout food and I certainly don’t drink regularly, however, we both wanted to give up things that we would notice and which we feel like would be at least a bit of a struggle. It will benefit us both health wise, as well as financially, to take a step back from these things, and I think we’ll both be glad for it come the end of the time. The period started February 18th and ends April 2nd, so we’re a couple of weeks in and still have about a month to go until it finishes. I’m not one to deny myself an extra macaron or slice of cake when it’s offered, as I’m a big believer in enjoying my time here while I’ve got it, but I think it’s so beneficial to give up things we enjoy every once in a while, to challenge ourselves a bit, especially when balanced out with a healthy attitude. I’m always interested to hear what other people might give up at this time of year, it’s such a personal thing I suppose, but I’ve heard this vary from caffeine and bread to potatoes and chocolate – everyone has their weakness. Here’s to a lent that’s challenging, but ultimately worth it.

Instagram Updates: February 2015

So, I have a confession: I barely took any photos in February. I know, it’s disgraceful, especially as I’m trying to capture more of everyday life rather than less, so I can only apologise. I must have just been having too much fun and not picked up my phone to capture what was going on. Also, February seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye, so I’ll have to make more of an effort now that we’re in March and I want to make sure not to miss anything. Anyway, here’s what I did see this February.

Instagram: February 2015

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