Happy 3rd Birthday

Cody's 3rd Birthday

Today is the 3rd birthday of our nephew Cody and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate this evening with a little gathering at our sister’s house. He will be spoilt rotten, we’re sure, but he deserves it on his special day. It’s crazy to think about how fast the time has gone – it seems like just yesterday when we visited him and our sister in the hospital when he was just a few hours old – but I suppose that’s just the way things go. We hope to give him some cousins in the future, to make our whole family bigger and more crazy, but for now he is the only child in the family and we love him for it!

At Home Movie Date Night

Movie Date Night

One of my favourite things for my boy and I to do on the weekends is to spend a Saturday evening with a bunch of snacks and movies, chilling out and spending time together. It’s pretty easy to set up your own at-home movie date night, when you feel like shutting everything else out and just enjoy some movies (good or bad) and pig out a bit on junk food. Here’s how our set up usually goes.

  • We prepare and set up a bunch of snack foods on our coffee table, within easy reach of the sofa, before we start watching.
  • We mostly choose food that can be pulled together super easily – popcorn, sweets, cookies, nuts and nachos.
  • Make the seating as comfortable as possible – all our blankets and cushions come out, to make it warm and inviting to camp out on the sofa for the evening.
  • All phones, iPads and any other distractions are left in another room – this is about uninterrupted time together.
  • When it gets dark, I light lots of candles, just to keep the atmosphere cozy.
  • We always pick out a movie each, just to keep things fair – it opens us both up to watching new things and it’s showing an interest in what the other person enjoys.

There are few better evenings than one like this, with good food, good entertainment and good company – it’s such a cheap, easy way to have a bit of a different night in with your other half.

Movie Date Night 2

Movie Date Night 3

Movie Date Night 4

The Perks of Wedding Planning

I have to say, I’m really getting used to this wedding planning business. This week we were lucky enough to arrive home from work to some cake samples to try, and we really got stuck into them! I feel like we’ve really got it right with how we’ve tackled everything wedding-related, giving ourselves time to make each decision individually, after thinking things through properly. Yes, to some, 22 and a half months seems like a long engagement, but it’s been just right for us and we haven’t felt an ounce of stress throughout the whole thing. We don’t have a lot left to accomplish, and we’re still 9 months away from the big day, so we’re really enjoying it and looking forward to each step.

Wedding Cake Sampling

The cake samples pictured here, Madagascan Vanilla Sponge, Lemon Sponge and Chocolate Truffle, will comprise a tier each on our finished cake and each was as delicious as it looks here. I’ll show you more of our plans for the cake as the months go by, but for now you can be left with the fact that it will have ruffles and a gorgeous wooden cake topper! :)

Five for Friday

I spend a lot of my down time enjoying reading as many other blogs as I can, constantly being inspired and entertained by all the amazing things they have to offer. Today I offer you 5 of my favourite articles from around the web over the past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Five for Friday 1

Five for Friday 2

Five for Friday 3

Five for Friday 4

Five for Friday 5

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Instagram Updates: August 2014

August was another good one, but with weather that wasn’t always so great on this last Summer month. We’re now officially into the Autumn and it’s just a couple of months until Halloween and then Christmas come around, and I’m all ready to embrace these new seasons and holidays now that it appears that Summer’s all done with us. See how I spent my August below.

Instagram: August 2014

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