Our Birthday Weekend

Our 28th Birthday Celebrations

We had such a fun weekend celebrating our birthday with our nearest and dearest. We try and get to spend as much time with everyone as we can on our birthday, which is why it lasts a full long weekend when we get to celebrating – it’s always busy but always so much fun. We started the long weekend with a meal at a local Italian restaurant before heading to see The Lion King on stage, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Saturday started with breakfast, involved some shopping in the middle and included takeaway somewhere around the end, with some incredibly thoughtful and much appreciated gifts thrown in there for good measure. Sunday was another shopping day, this time with our best friend, as we enjoyed a wander around some favourite shops before we stopped for some hot drinks and a nice lunch. Today has been about Hana and I spending the day together, doing a little blog stuff, as well as spending some time locally to my house, enjoying some more lunch and coffee stops – this birthday stuff is hard work. Unfortunately, it’s back to normality and into work tomorrow, but we’ve had such a great weekend that we can’t really complain. We’ve spent some lovely quality time together, with our fiances, and with our wonderful family, so it’s definitely been a successful one. Now, we’re looking straight forward into Christmas, which is a surprisingly short amount of weeks away, so let’s get to it – expect a ton of holiday related stuff coming up on the blog as we get excited for our favourite time of year, we can’t wait!

A 28th Birthday

Our 28th Birthday

So, today Hana and I celebrate our 28th birthday. We’re going to be spending time together and with our family, as is the usual plan when we’re celebrating our birthday each year, so we have lots of plans in place for this long weekend we’re taking. We’ll give you the lowdown on what we got up to in a couple of days, but for now we’re off to have some birthday fun. We love sharing our special day, we figure it’s double the good times if we get to celebrate together, so here’s to a ton more birthdays spent together and to a a 29th year that’s been as good as the 28th!

Bonfire Night 2014

Our sister finally has a garden, so we were able to gather there last night for a fun fireworks display to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night this year. There were a ton of fireworks, delicious food and clear weather, everything you could need for a successful evening and we all had a great time, enjoying the display as well as the company on a cold November evening. We’re getting together lots more over the coming days as Hana and I celebrate our birthday, so we’re very much looking forward to the weekend and all the plans we have, but for now take a look at some fireworks photos, if you like.

Bonfire Night 2014 - 1

Bonfire Night 2014 - 2

Bonfire Night 2014 - 3

Bonfire Night 2014 - 4

Bonfire Night 2014 - 5

Bonfire Night 2014 - 6

Bonfire Night 2014 - 7

Bonfire Night 2014 - 8

Bonfire Night 2014 - 9

Instagram Update: October 2014

October’s been and gone again, and it’s flown by so fast! It’s been a pretty busy one for us, with parties and weddings and a bit of Halloween celebrating thrown in there for fun, but we’re not complaining as we’ve had a great time (minus the illness right there in the middle). I always love this time of year and October is one of my favourite months, but I’m also looking forward to a busy and enjoyable November, when we get to celebrate our birthday and get ourselves ready for Christmas!

Instagram: October 2014

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Photo Project

Photo Project

So, this weekend was a very chilled out one in comparison to last, when we were busy and didn’t have much chance to spend time at home. I made a couple of wedding related purchases this weekend, including the last of my bridesmaids’ gifts, which will turn into a little project of it’s own. I’m excited about this one, and can’t wait to give each of the girls their presents on the big day, just gotta wait another 7 months or so!

A Wedding & Getting Sick


A Family Wedding & Getting Sick

This weekend has been a bit of a mixed bag…and super busy. We had a wonderful time celebrating the wedding of my fiancé’s sister, staying a couple of nights away from home and getting involved in all the festivities. Only slightly blighting the weekend was the fact that I started to feel sick from Friday and have pretty much been feeling crappy ever since. Blocked sinuses, headaches, a sore throat, it doesn’t feel good at all, but I’m hoping I’m on the back end of it now and over the next few days I’ll get back to feeling tip top. Have a great Monday.