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Meet the Blogger

August 21, 2015

Meet the Blogger

Meet the Blogger 2

We’re so excited that we’ve just booked to attend our first bloggers conference in October – and it’s in Amsterdam of all places! Neither of us have been there before, so we can’t wait to explore the city and see what it has to offer, as well as attend this awesome event. We’ve made it into a long weekend trip, so we’re heading out on Friday, 2nd October and come back on Monday, 5th October, and we hope to learn so much from like-minded people whilst we’re there. The wonderful Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess are keynote speakers, so we’re looking forward to hearing what pearls of wisdom they have for everybody and we also hope to meet as many fellow bloggers as we can. We’re really excited and will hopefully feed back to you on our first conference experience when the time comes.

If you want to find out more information about the event yourself, click here.

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Blog Planning

August 19, 2015

Blog Planner

If you’re a blogger yourself, you’ll know how much organisation it takes to keep posting regular, quality content for your readers. It can be overwhelming to keep it all in check, so any time I find something that can help, I jump on it. I saw The Bloggers Planner on Instagram at first, and was really intrigued to see what they were all about.

Blog Planner 2

Blog Planner 3

On taking a look at their range, I decided to purchase the A5 Bloggers Planner, with a hardback matt cover and with our blog’s name on the front. It arrived swiftly and I was very quickly pleased with what I’d bought. It is bulky, but very well put together, and has everything you could need to plan content, as well as jot down ideas and keep track of any incomings and outgoings as part of your blogging business.

Blog Planner 4

Blog Planner 5

We’re not at that stage yet, so I see us using this more for our day-to-day content and ideas, as well as to track what works well for us and note down our visitor numbers, etc. but I’ve already started to use the ‘Content Ideas’ section to plan for the coming months. They also have some great extras, like quotes pages at the start of each month and some professional and personal goals to work towards.

Blog Planner 6

Blog Planner 7

I have a calendar on my computer, which is a simple way to keep track of blog posts, but you really need something this detailed to keep on top of all the different elements, even if it’s just to remind you of all the platforms you need to update linking to your newly posted content. Plus, I’m super into physical planners and stationery in general, so this suits me perfectly.

Blog Planner 8

Blog Planner 9

And because you can choose when your planner starts, you can pick one up at any time of the year, without having to worry that you’ve missed a chunk of months. If you don’t want to go with one of the larger planners right away, there are also a bunch of other products available. There is a day planner, content planner, menu planner, project planner, so there’s something for everyone with an online presence.

Blog Planner 10

Blog Planner 11

This isn’t a sponsored post and I haven’t been gifted the planner, I just feel like it’s a great resource for us bloggers and anything that can help us to get our stuff together can only be a good thing.

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Four for Friday

August 14, 2015

Another week of amazing online content from my favourite bloggers – here are 4 of my favourites. Have a lovely weekend.

Four for Friday: 14.08.2015

1. Coconut Mango Popsicles / 2. 10 Make-Up Tips I’ve Learned On Set / 3. Charlotte Tilbury Staples / 4. Summer Toasts

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Special Quotes: Pablo Neruda

August 11, 2015

Inspiration quotes, I can’t get enough of them. I have a Pinterest board containing about 400 of them, and have dedicated many posts here to them over the years. I really feel they can make you feel all kinds of good and can help you heal when feeling particularly low. And I love it when I find a specific person or author whose words resonate with me, no matter what it is that they’re saying. I came across this pin recently and went in search of the author. I found so many amazing quotes from Pablo Neruda and went about picking up my favourites and making some of my own Pinterest friendly graphics. So, here they are, Pablo Neruda quotes, found on Good Reads.

Pablo Neruda Quotes 1

Pablo Neruda Quotes 2

Pablo Neruda Quotes 3

Pablo Neruda Quotes 4

Pablo Neruda Quotes 5

Everyday Life

Taking Stock

August 4, 2015

Taking Stock: August 2015

Making: As much time as possible for family. It makes me feel better, and that’s what matters.
Cooking: Less than I want to at the moment. My motivation isn’t up there right now, but I hope baking draws me back to the kitchen soon.
Drinking: Water. And decaff tea.
Reading: Magazines. I’m in between books right now.
Wanting: To feel more like my old self soon.
Looking: Forward to our Disney honeymoon. This was in my last taking stock post and it couldn’t be more true. 73 days and counting.
Playing: The Sims 4. Relaxing and makes me feel like a teenager again.
Wasting: Time. But I need it to decompress.
Wishing: For all the things.
Enjoying: Trips to the cinema. We get 2 for 1, so we’ve recently seen Jurassic World and Inside Out, which gave me all the feelings. Bawled big on that one.
Waiting: For things to come right. It will, I have faith, but it takes time.
Liking: Catching up on Harry Potter movies. Preparing for Florida theme parks.
Wondering: Why we haven’t been lucky enough to have much of a Summer.
Loving: My husband and family and how much they help me to feel good.
Hoping: For a moment of enlightenment soon.
Marvelling: At how right Inside Out got it. I need to see it again – they just know.
Needing: Sleep.
Smelling: Flowers. I’m trying to keep my house full of them.
Wearing: All the comfy things.
Following: Anyone who travels. Keeps me inspired.
Noticing: How good a walk in the fresh air feels.
Knowing: Everything happens for a reason.
Thinking: About how good it is when we get away. We need to travel some more.
Bookmarking: Scrapbooking inspiration. I’d like a new project.
Opening: My mind.
Giggling: At the last season of Community. I’ll miss it.
Feeling: Sadness. Acutely. It won’t be like this forever, but this one is a tough journey.