5 Christmassy Date Ideas

Christmas Date Ideas

Oooh, I love Christmas so much – it really is the wonderful time of the year – and I relish the chance to spend time with my nearest and dearest around this time of year. We all get at least a couple of days off around the holidays to be together and we like to fill those days with all kinds of fun things to really make the most of it. I also love the days I get to spend with my other half over the Christmas season, either staying cozy indoors, or getting bundled up and heading out into the cold to buy gifts or pick up some warm drinks. This is going to be our last Christmas together before we become husband and wife, so it’ll be an extra special one, and I hope we get to do a ton of fun things before the New Year comes. I’ve decided to share a few date ideas, in case you’re struggling to find something to do with your loved one around the holidays. I hope to tick all of these off our list over the next couple of weeks, and I can’t wait.

Christmas Movie Afternoon

There are so many good holiday films around to keep you entertained for days on end, but if you’re super busy around Christmas then just carve out one afternoon to spend cuddled up with your significant other under a cozy blanket with plenty of snacks around you. Choose a bunch of different films, from Elf and Four Christmases to make you laugh to Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life to make you cry, get yourself in the holiday spirit the best way I know. Bonus points if you turn off your phones and it’s snowing outside.

Window Shopping & Hot Chocolate

The best shops are just magical at this time of year, filled with decorations, music and just about everything to get you into the spirit. No, it’s not what Christmas is about, but it’s difficult not to get swept away in all the excitement with Santas around every corner and all the sparkly goodies on offer. You don’t have to buy anything, just enjoy the sound of excited children mixed with ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ coming from the speakers. End your little window shopping experience with a hot chocolate, sitting in a coffee shop window with your love, talking about Christmas and watching the world go by. There’s little better.

Ice Skating

Yes, it’s a pretty standard choice, but most of us don’t get to experience ice skating all year around, so why not give it a go around the holidays? I haven’t skated in years, but would love to strap on some blades and get to swirling and twirling around under the Christmas lights, trying my very hardest not to fall over and spoil the whole illusion. Try to go at quieter times (like when school is on) to get the best experience – somehow I imagine it’s not so fun when you’re trying to avoid tripping over a ton of people.

A Roaring Fire

Not many of our homes have real fireplaces these days, which I count as a darn shame, as there’s something so cozy and infinitely Christmassy about sitting by a roaring fire, with a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate in hand. Over the years, we’ve managed to find a few local pubs which still have these awesome feature, and we’ve been known to spend hours in front of the flames, talking, reading, eating and drinking our way through an afternoon. Plenty of pubs and hotels still have fireplaces, so just check a few local spots and talk to other locals to see if there’s anything around by you.

Winter Fairs

Whether this is the kind where they sell crafts, food and drink, or the kind where there’s a bunch of fairground rides, get out there and have a wander around as many Christmassy fairs as you can. You can use this time to buy last minute holiday gifts at all the handmade gift stalls, or just to eat sugared nuts and sample mulled cider, it’s all pretty enjoyable. I’ve been to a couple of these type fairs over the last couple of weeks and have loved simply walking around to see all that’s on offer, smelling all the delicious food and drink and really appreciating all the hard work put into the goods on sale, picking up a few things along the way.

Six Months to Go…

6 Months to Go

Goodness, the time is just flying by! It feels like just yesterday that I was commenting on it being a year to go until our big day and now we’re at the six month mark. In fact, we’re 182 days away and I’m crazy excited. It still feels like a fair way to go, but I know once Christmas is over we’ll be looking to send our invitations and then it’ll be all systems go. We’ve come a little further than my last update in August, getting the cake and flowers sorted, but I’ll do a proper update once the craziness of Christmas has passed and there’ll be a ton to say. For now, we’re going to enjoy our last Christmas as an engaged couple before the countdown really begins. Ahhhhh.

My Favourite Things About Christmas

2014 Christmas Favourites

There’s so much to love about Christmas – from the festive atmosphere around town and city centres, to the outdoor ice-skating rinks and constant holiday music being played in stores. Each person will find different things that they love about this time of year, so I’ve decided to share my own personal favourites, as we’re heading into the last week or two before the big day.

Christmas Day games – We have a fairly recently started Christmas Day tradition where our family spends the afternoon after lunch playing games. Over the years this has varied from DVD games, to board games, to good old fashioned Charades, but this year we’ve got a few boxed card games to give a go, and I’m even going to be coming up with a few of my own to have fun with! I already can’t wait, I just know it’s going to be one of my favourite parts of the entire festive period.

Christmas Eve anticipation – I love, love, love Christmas Eve – the ultimate day of ‘getting ready’ for the next one – baking, watching back-to-back Christmas movies and generally enjoying the day of festivities. We always get together as a family in some way or another, so I’m excited to see what our plans will end up being this year.

All the Christmas beverages – Yes, this is something pretty small in the grand scheme of this time of year, but I just love festive drinks from my favourite coffee shops. Anything with peppermint or cinnamon in it, is a winner in my book, but the absolute best has to be a steaming hot gingerbread and cream latte, complete with mini gingerbread popping out of the top. Bliss.

Getting dressed up – I really enjoy getting myself dressed up around the holidays, donning lots of sparkle and the colour red in the days leading up to and after Christmas Day. Yes, there will be days when I won’t make it out of a onsie, but my favourite is to add a little glamour to the occasion and really make the most of the happy season!

All the pretty lights – One of my most favourite things about the holidays (which starts late November in our house) is the decorations that fill every space. From cozy homes to town and village streets, the lights, the wreaths, the ornaments, they all make the Winter time so much more cheery and enjoyable. Sitting in our living room with just the twinkly fairy lights on is just about the best thing ever, especially if I have a hot chocolate in hand and Christmas music playing in the background. It really does take my best willpower to take them all down again come January, but I suppose knowing I only have to wait another 11 months before they can all go back up again brings some comfort.

The movies – There is no happier or more heart-warming set of films than Christmas ones and I can be known to sit for hours in front of those Christmas movie channels watching the kind of made-for-TV films that can only be justified at this time of the year. My favourite movies for the holidays  include Miracle on 34th Street (the 1994 version), It’s a Wonderful Life and The Santa Clause, all of which I watch every single year, so I look forward to giving them all another viewing in the coming couple of weeks, maybe even more than once ;)

Inside Out…

I felt like I just had to share this with you since I came across it on YouTube today – I can’t believe it’s been around so long without me even realising! This is the extended trailer for Inside Out, the new feature from Disney Pixar and it looks like it’s going to be another cracker. This little clip really made me really laugh and got me excited for how the entire thing will turn out once it hits cinemas next year. It’s such a fun concept for a movie, and really got my imagination going, so I’m looking forward to it and hearing the familiar voice of Amy Poehler, who I just adore alongside some other great cast members. Take a look for yourself below.


A Little Time Away

My boy and I were lucky enough to get away for a few days the back end of last week, as we often do around this time of year (see here and here). It was a chance for us to do a little food and drink tasting for our wedding, as well as enjoy a couple of nights away from home around our 6 year anniversary, so we loved every second. We visited our wedding venue, got to spend the night at the hotel attached to our venue, meet with our florist, visit the towns nearby and eat way too much food. We love getting away at least once a year, especially as we haven’t been on a proper vacation this year, so this was the perfect opportunity to enjoy the festivity of a small town, get some wedding stuff checked off and spend some quality time together. We hope to continue this tradition after we’re married, as I love getting away in December and enjoying some of the Christmassy things going on all over the country, even if there will be another anniversary to celebrate from then on.

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Six for Saturday

I’m seeing my blog feeds simply full to the brim of amazing content right now, as the holidays get closer and everyone is stepping up their blogging game. I’m loving every second of it, and can easily spend a few hours at a time looking around at everything, gathering inspiration and ideas for my own life this December. Here are a few from over this past week which have caught my eye.

Six for Saturday

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