A Family Easter

I’ve been very lucky over the past 10 days, as I’ve been enjoying some time off work and it seemed to have been timed perfectly with the best weather we’ve had in a long time. We enjoyed lots of family time, I’ve managed to do some decorating in our house and I’ve also started wedding dress shopping, so it’s been a pretty amazing bunch of days! However, when it came to going out and about on Easter Sunday, the weather had turned and it was a pretty dark and cold day, culminating with some heavy rain whilst myself and Hana joined our parents to explore one of the pretty towns about a half hour from their house.

Usk - Easter 1

Usk - Easter 2

Usk - Easter 3

We’d been up to the local castle ruins to take some photos and enjoy some history and not long after we reached the top, the heavens opened and we were completely soaked. Oh well, we still had a great day, and we enjoyed a lovely coffee shop stop for tea and cake.

Usk - Easter 5

Usk - Easter 4

Usk - Easter 6

I love getting out and about to local villages and towns near where we all live – there are such amazing views to be seen and we’re pretty lucky to live amongst such gorgeous surroundings. And the little bit of rain didn’t dampen our spirits – it was still a change from the freezing weather we were experiencing during Easter Sunday last year, when much of the area we visited was covered in ice.

Usk - Easter 8

Usk - Easter 7

Usk - Easter 9

Photo Credit: Lucy

Gardener’s paradise

I’ve never been one who’s shown a particular interest in gardening, mostly because while living with my parents, it’s always been very much their domain. However, as the time for me to buy my own home edges ever closer, the idea of having a pretty garden to tend to, is becoming more and more appealing, so with this in mind, I decided to join my mum, dad and nephew in going to a local flower show recently. The weather was perfect for such an outing, with wall-to-wall sunshine for much of the day, so you can only imagine how busy it was, with people making the most of the spring sun.

As well as the stunning displays of flowers, in every colour imaginable, there were also lovely craft stalls selling jewellery, homeware, and various different nick nacks. To top it all off, they had lots of yummy food stalls to help feed all the hungry shoppers, and my mum even treated us to some toffee and honeycomb ice cream to cool us down after all the browsing. My parents picked up some real bargains and I look forward to seeing the new additions in the garden soon.

Fresh Florals

Fresh Flowers

I don’t spend a lot on florals – they seem like an extravagence when you’re saving for something important (like a wedding), but I think I might start budgeting some money each month to get a fresh bunch every couple of weeks, just to brighten the place up a little. I’ve also been looking into the best ways to arrange flowers, so that they look their prettiest, and I’m pretty excited to keep experimenting with different kinds of flowers and different kinds of arrangements. This was my first attempt with a small bouquet from a local supermarket, but I thought it ended up pretty great using so few florals, so I look forward to moving on with what I do. I even bought a cheap book on flower arranging, just to do a little more research. I’ll keep posting my progress as I go on.

Fresh Flowers 2

Fresh Flowers 3

Fresh Flowers 4

Fresh Flowers 5

Photo Credit: Lucy

What I’m Watching

TV Picks - April 2014

Although I like to read and to craft and to bake, there’s something so satisfying and comforting about sitting down in front of a great TV show and be thoroughly entertained for an hour or two during an evening or on the weekend. There are a ton of shows which I’ve been watching since they started (The Big Bang Theory, Revenge and Bones are some of my guilty pleasures) but I do have a tendency to be a little late to the party when it comes to good programmes, picking up on them a couple or more seasons in and finding myself losing days of my life catching up on several episodes at a time. I’ve been doing that a lot recently now that they are so accessible through subscription services, and I have found myself falling in love with a bunch of new shows that I’m sad to say I missed when they first hit our screens (although missing the ad breaks is a big bonus). Here are a few of my absolute favourites and if you haven’t already, I’d recommend you getting all caught up on this selection.

The Walking Dead

Me and my boy started this one when it was into its 2nd season and it has become our favourite show to watch together. We love it and now that we’re all caught up we can’t wait for season 5 to begin after that shocker of a finale.


I thought I’d give this show a go after hearing a lot of praise for Kerry Washington, who I’ve always been a fan of. Deciding to start watching while season 3 was on hiatus I must’ve set a new record in how quickly I got through the first two and a half seasons as I was absolutely hooked from just a couple of episodes in.


I’m still only on the first season of this show, even though season five is almost over, and I’m already loving what I’ve seen. I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years since Gilmore Girls ended, but I feel like this is just the right thing to fill the void it left all those years ago.

Parks & Recreation

I took a season to warm up to this show, as it’s very different from other comedies I’m used to watching, but I’m really enjoying it now that I’m half way through season 2. Amy Poehler is hilarious in this and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes right through to its 6th season.

And, lastly, one I really want to start watching:

Breaking Bad

I feel like I’ve been left out of some great secret club by not having watched this show, but I’d really like to catch up on it now that it’s finished and the DVDs are available. I feel like it’ll end up being a favourite, so I’m excited to get started, but maybe it’ll have to wait until I’ve finished some of these shows above, just to make a little more room!

Instagram Upates: March 2014

Jeez, I can’t believe we’re at the end of March already and April is here once again. April has to be one of my favourite months, as the weather gets warmer, the days get longer and Spring is well and truly in the air! I have some big plans for the month ahead, including jazzing up our garden space and beginning the process of bridal dress shopping, so I’m hoping it’s going to be a good one, but for now we’re looking back on March, which wasn’t too bad either!

Instagram: March 2014

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Mother’s Day

Mothers Day 2014

I know it’s not Mother’s Day all over today, as it falls on so many different days throughout the world, but we will be celebrating our mum alongside other Brits today, by giving her some gifts and spending the day together as a family. We love our mum dearly – she is caring and thoughtful and always puts her family before herself – and we take after her in a lot of ways, for which we are really thankful. I’m especially grateful for her right now as she gets involved in my wedding planning shenanigans, being helpful in a ton of different ways and always on the lookout for things I might like and want to include on our big day. We’re going to have a great day as she gets to know, as she does every day, how much we love and appreciate her and we couldn’t hope for a better mum in whole wide world.