5 Late Summer Date Ideas

Summer Sunsets 4

I’m trying to make the most of however many light evenings and warm days we have left now that Summer is coming to a close. Don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn and can’t wait to really enjoy some crisp, cool mornings and toasty, dark evenings, but I also really appreciate each season individually and want to get everything I can out of Summer before September is upon us. Me and the Mr. are also trying to find date ideas we can share, as we both have a week off from work coming up and we have some time together planned. I thought it would be nice to run through a few ideas I’ve come up with for late Summer date ideas that you might be able to try too. They’re all super affordable, if not free, so they’re easy to enjoy, without it being a big expense.

Sunset Drive

As the days pass by, sunsets are going to start getting earlier and earlier in the coming weeks, and so there aren’t many left to be enjoyed late into the evening, when you jump in your car and pick just the right spot to watch this natural beauty. We’re lucky enough to live in an area where we can watch the sun set right by the sea, so we have been known to sit in the car and watch as it sinks below the surface of the water before going for a quiet walk along the sea front. I love doing this and hope that no matter where we end up in the coming years, that we can still make a habit of spending some Summer evenings enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Afternoon Picnic

If you’re lucky enough to still enjoy some warm weekend afternoons well into August then why not take a picnic to a local park or beauty spot to enjoy a bite to eat? It doesn’t cost a lot to take a few snacks and drinks with you, along with a blanket to sit on, and it’s an afternoon away from home to enjoy with your honey. You could even make it a technology-free time, so that you can really enjoy the company of each other, without being distracted by your smart phone. Make long-term plans, go over ideas for future trips you want to take, continue to get to know as much as you can about the one you love – those are definitely my most favourite kinds of afternoon.

Fairground Fun

A lot of fairgrounds close up for the fall/winter seasons, when they’re affected by low visitor numbers or bad weather, so make the most of any local to you now, while you still have the chance. I don’t know about you, but I love most fairground rides, along with all the treats you can win at the fun amusement stands, so why not have a care-free, enjoyable date day/night by getting your adrenaline going and feeling just like a kid again. I won’t judge if you spend the time eating candy floss and hot dogs, nobody said date nights had to be healthy!

Neighbourhood Walks

We’ve been doing this a ton recently, and I’ve really been enjoying getting out and about in the area we live, getting some exercise and fresh air, while also finding out a bit more about the streets around us. Summer is the best time to spend time like this, as it’s still light when we’re heading out and the weather is still good, but we hope to do this in between the bad going into Autumn and Winter. This is another great chance for us to unwind after our work days, as we talk a lot while we’re moving, but it’s also great to be getting fresh air and to be burning some calories, where we could otherwise be sat indoors watching TV.

Garden Movie Night

If you can get hold of a reasonably priced projector, why not put together a little outdoor movie night. We all love movie nights spent at home, but surely it’s so much better underneath the stars, enjoying your favourite films and home-made snacks. Pick out a couple of both of your favourites, to make things fair, and choose a few different genres, so that you get a good mix of films and enjoy some good old-fashioned movie night fun. I would suggest flavoured popcorn, home-made nachos and anything chocolate as the perfect snacks for this venture and the more pillows and blankets you can find, the better!

Back To School Essentials

It’s that time of year again. The summer is slowly coming to an end and those in school/college/university are thinking about the impending start of the new academic year. I’ve been out of school for quite a few years but I always remember the best part of going back to school was all the new supplies you got to buy. Both Lucy and I are big stationery fans so we would spend hours picking out pens, pencils, folders and all the other essentials to make going back to the classroom that little more enjoyable. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite selections below.


001. Multi Polkadot Tweed Top Handle Backpack | 002. Owls triple pencil case | 003. Caroline Gardner Floral Print Ballpen | 004. Vintage Blossoms Notebook Sets | 005. Butterfly Butterfly Board Lever Arch File | 006. Set of 6 Mini Dot Pencils

Beach Essentials

Now that we’re coming into the last couple of weekends of the Summer, and we’re all trying to get the most out of those last warm, sunny days I thought it would be useful to finish up our Summer Essentials series (camping essentials, carry-on essentials) with a roundup of all those things you might need for a day at the beach. Obviously, everybody likes to tackle the beach in a different way – some enjoy 8-hour chill sessions, others spend as much time in the water as possible, some like to go for water-side strolls – but there are some pretty basic essentials that I think everybody should keep close at hand. Here are my picks.

Beach Essentials

1. Bag – You need something that’s going to fit in all the stuff you want to take along with you, but obviously something that looks good too. This one does just about everything you need it to.

2. Blanket – The perfect place to park yourself for the day, and this one rolls up to make it super easy to carry and keep in your car for any appropriate occasion.

3. Sun Protection – This is super important when you’re spending lots of time in the sun and water. As well as the suncream, it’s important to also keep a cover up, like this kimono close at hand, along with a wide hat and sunglasses, just to make sure that you’re fully protected against the rays.

4. Parasol – A great way to get a break from the sun in the middle of the day, as well as providing a little shelter in case you’ve chosen a breezy day (no-one likes sand in their sandwiches). Just make this parasol it’s securely pushed into the ground, you don’t want it taking off unexpectedly.

5. Cooler bag & water – A great way to keep snacks and drinks cool is to bring a cool bag with you, so you don’t have to worry about everything going warm in the sun. Also, stock up on large bottles of water to keep yourself hydrated in the heat.

6. Games – Everyone loves a bit of relaxation on the beach, but who doesn’t enjoy some games thrown in too?! We loved playing with stuff like this frisbee and sticky catch pads set when we were kids, and I would definitely be up for a game or two by the sea!

7. Books – When you do fancy a bit of a chill out, what better way to relax than with an enthralling read. These three titles, We Were LiarsThe Girl With All the Gifts  and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, are all highly recommended, and have all gone to the top of my ‘must-read’ list, so I better get started.

Brightening Up My Desk

Bright Stationery

Now that I have my desk space set up completely, I’ve been trying to find the best kind of stationery to help while I’m working at my computer. I’d say I’m pretty fussy when it comes to this sort of stuff, bit as soon as I spotted the newest back to school collection at Tesco I was straight in front of the shelves picking up all those bits I loved. And I haven’t even started on how reasonably priced it all was – I got two files, a pack of 5 pens, a hole-punch, stapler and A5 notebook for just over £15, a bargain in anyone’s book. I’ve already seen such a difference in how much more productive I am sat at this desk with all the things I need around me, rather than on the sofa with the laptop purched on my knees, always distracted by something else going on. I’ll share with you soon the full desk space tour, as my gallery wall has expanded pretty drastically since I posted about it here.

Bright Stationery 2

Bright Stationery 3

Bright Stationery 4

Bright Stationery 5

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Instagram: July 2014

Summer is over half way done already, which is making me a little sad, if I’m being honest. We’ve had the most glorious weather over the past couple months, and I’m not looking forward to pulling out jumpers and jeans from the back of wardrobe just yet. Let’s hope August is equally as good, and we get to spend some more quality time with our family, just as we have been doing up til now. Here’s how I spent my July, every sunny, lovely bit of it.

Instagram: July 2014

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Great July Weekend

Good July Weekend

Well, this was a lovely July weekend. The sun shone, I got to spend time with family, eat good food and enjoy a sleepover with my nephew, so there was very little wrong with it. It didn’t start so well, as I was sick from Wednesday to Friday, but I was feeling much better by Saturday morning, and got to fit lots of nice things in before work starts again tomorrow. We went to see an amateur production of The Little Mermaid first thing Saturday followed by a delicious lunch (mine was a pulled pork bun, which was SO yum!). I then brought my nephew back to my house, where he got to play out in the garden with my Mr., before a sleepover and some park fun on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon was a quiet one, but still a great way to end the weekend. Here’s to another good one next week.