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Our Honeymoon is booked!

January 19, 2016

My fiance and I had a very exciting weekend. After much deliberation and research, we finally booked our honeymoon. We’d initially considered Hawaii when first thinking about what destination to choose, but found that due to most hotels only offering ‘Room Only’ rates, it was going to be a rather expensive trip, with not a lot to show for our money. It was at that point that we set our sights on a more exotic location and decided on the very idyllic Maldives. We will be staying at the beautiful Kuramathi Island Resort in one of their newly built deluxe water villas, living in the lap of luxury for 11 nights. On our way home, we will be spending 2 nights in Dubai, to top off the trip of a lifetime, and hopefully we’ll pick up some souvenirs for the special people in our lives. We are planning on buying a new camera to help capture lots of unforgettable moments, so I’ll be sure to post lots of lovely photos after our return.






All photos from Kuoni.

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Honeymoon: Part Three

November 24, 2015

Part three of Lucy’s honeymoon photos today. These feature a day at Animal Kingdom. Although it wasn’t the busiest day of the trip, all the wildlife is so photogenic that there is still so much to see. Take a look, if you like.

Honeymoon 3: 1

Honeymoon 3: 2

Honeymoon 3: 3

Honeymoon 3: 4

Honeymoon 3: 5

Honeymoon 3: 6

Honeymoon 3: 7

Honeymoon 3: 8

Honeymoon 3: 9

Honeymoon 3: 10

Honeymoon 3: 11

Honeymoon 3: 12

Honeymoon 3: 13

Honeymoon 3: 14

Honeymoon 3: 15

Honeymoon 3: 16

Honeymoon 3: 17

Honeymoon 3: 18

Honeymoon 3: 19

Honeymoon 3: 20

Honeymoon 3: 21

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Honeymoon: Part Two

November 17, 2015

So, another bunch of honeymoon photos for you today. We hope you enjoyed the last batch and that you might enjoy some more, this time when Lucy explored Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs and visited the Mall at Millenia. I’m sure she’ll let us know some more details about her trip in the coming weeks, and maybe share some tips for couples visiting the area without children. For now, enjoy these photos.

Honeymoon: Part Two 1

Honeymoon: Part Two 2

Honeymoon: Part Two 3

Honeymoon: Part Two 4

Honeymoon: Part Two 5

Honeymoon: Part Two 6

Honeymoon: Part Two 7

Honeymoon: Part Two 8

Honeymoon: Part Two 9

Honeymoon: Part Two 10

Honeymoon: Part Two 11

Honeymoon: Part Two 12

Honeymoon: Part Two 13

Honeymoon: Part Two 14

Honeymoon: Part Two 15

Honeymoon: Part Two 16

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Honeymoon: Part One

November 11, 2015

Here we are to showcase the first portion of Lucy’s honeymoon photos. They are amazing and we’ve both spent a long time looking through them and picking out the very best ones. These are just from their hotel and their first day in Magic Kingdom, so you can skip past them if you’re not into Disney-central pictures, but if you want to appreciate some good photos and happy memories, then take a look!

Honeymoon: Part One 1

Honeymoon: Part One 2

Honeymoon: Part One 3

Honeymoon: Part One 4

Honeymoon: Part One 5

Honeymoon: Part One 6

Honeymoon: Part One 7

Honeymoon: Part One 8

Honeymoon: Part One 9

Honeymoon: Part One 10

Honeymoon: Part One 11

Honeymoon: Part One 12

Honeymoon: Part One 13

Honeymoon: Part One 14

Honeymoon: Part One 15

Honeymoon: Part One 16

Honeymoon: Part One 17

Honeymoon: Part One 18

Honeymoon: Part One 19

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My Honeymoon Essentials: Part Two

October 21, 2015

Another guide on what Lucy has taken on her honeymoon:

Honeymoon Essentials 5

“This is the technology part of my honeymoon essentials, as everything else was covered in my last post. I have to confess that, as well as the items I have here, I am also taking my DSLR with me, as that’ll be my main source of photo taking, but I was using it to take these pictures, so I’ll just go through what’s here. I think it also goes without saying to make sure you take chargers for all your tech, you don’t want to lose batter power at vital moments!”

Honeymoon Essentials 6

iPod & Headphones – I load up my iPod before every trip I take, and listen to it pretty much all the way through any flight, so this is essential for me. These headphones are new, as I was getting tired of the generic apple ones I’ve previously owned, so I’m excited to see how these fare on our holiday. Plus, they’re much prettier.

Activity Watch – I’ve always been a fan of knowing how active I’m being on any given day, so given how much we’re going to be walking on this holiday, I thought it’d be a good idea to take along a pedometer. This one was cheaper than most of the other brands available, but it still seems to be able to do all the same things, counting steps, calories, etc. so I’m looking forward to giving it a workout!

Honeymoon Essentials 7

Cameras – I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be taking my DSLR with us, but I’m also giving an instant camera a go this time around. This is my first experience of a camera of this type and I’m really excited to try it and see what other kinds of images I can produce. And Florida seems like the perfect subject to try it out on.

iPhone – My phone is essential anywhere we go, but it has a ton of apps on it that I’ll be using whilst we’re away and will likely to a common photo-capturing device when my cameras aren’t close by. Theme park apps will probably be the main use, as well as the maps app, but it’ll prove to be invaluable, I’m sure.

Honeymoon Essentials 8