Holiday Photos: Waterproof Camera Snaps

I’ve already shared with you a few sets of photos from my recent trip to Mexico and the next few I thought I’d post are from the waterproof camera that my fiance and I bought to take away with us, knowing the area was good for sealife. The quality isn’t great but it was a great chance to take photos in the sea, most of the time by our hotel beach but also when we went sailing on a catamaran and dropped anchor offshore to do some snorkeling.







All photos by Hana.

Holiday Photos: Tulum

As I mentioned in my recent post announcing my engagement, my new fiance and I visited Mexico on our summer holiday this year and while we were there we took in some of the nearby sights, and that included the Tulum ruins. I love to spend time on the beach while I’m away, but I always like to take in some of the culture of the country, especially when you’re traveling that far. It was intriguing to read all about the history of the area and made for some really interesting photos that I wanted to share.









All photos by Hana.

Past summer holidays

Me and my boyfriend are on the verge of booking our summer holiday for this year so I thought it would be a good chance to reflect on past holidays I’ve been on over the last few years.


2013 – La Palma

To be honest, I’d never heard of La Palma before we started looking at last minute deals for our holiday last year. It’s one of the lesser known Canary Islands as it’s less commercialized than the more popular Tenerife or Lanzarote. It was my first experience of all inclusive which was quite exciting as it meant we could eat and drink as much as we wanted without spending a penny. We went on two excursions while we were there, one to the capital of Santa Cruz de La Palma where we bought all of our souvenirs, and another to Roque de Los Muchachos (pictured).


2012 – Kefalonia

We visited this gorgeous Greek island to celebrate the marriage of our older sister Laura, and made it an excuse to have a big family holiday. We stayed in our own villa, giving us the chance to go out for food each evening, picking whichever restaurant took our fancy. As this was my boyfriend and I’s first visit to Kefalonia we went on an island tour taking in the sights of Fiskardo, the Drogarati Caves and Melissani Lake, to name just a few. The highlight of the holiday was Laura’s wedding that took place on Myrtos beach (pictured) with all her closest family and friends present.


2011 – Corfu Town

This was my boyfriend and I’s first holiday together and it couldn’t have been better. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, that was in the quiet area of Ermones, so we spent most days and evenings by the pool, occasionally taking the short trip down to the beach. We do tend to get itchy feet while we’re away so we always like to get out and about, so we went on a couple of excursions, one to the capital where we enjoyed the hustle and bustle of town life, and the other, a stroll to the local vineyard where we picked up bottles of wine and olive oil for ourselves and family members.


2010 – Turkey

Lucy and I visited Turkey around the same time as our sister Laura and her boyfriend, so we were lucky enough to celebrate with them the night they got engaged. We stayed in Olu Deniz, which was quite commercialized, which was perfect when picking restaurants to visit as we were spoilt for choice. We visited the beautiful Blue Lagoon, taking a trip on the pedalos and getting up close to the turtles.


2009 – Crete

Lucy and I visited Crete together in 2009 and had a lovely time. Our holiday’s were always fun as we get on so well that we never argued, and we are so similar that we enjoyed doing the same things, so that meant days spent on the beach enjoying the sunshine and evenings eating out and drinking cocktails. Our hotel was located on a quiet residential street so we got to see the real authentic Crete, but we were just a stones-throw away from the bars and restaurants of Stalis.

All photos by Hana.

Carry On Essentials

Now that we’re well and truly in the middle of summer vacation season, it’s time to advise on what we would consider to be our carry on essentials. I’m not taking a summer vacation abroad this year (we’re in full on savings mode), but I have been known to overfill my carry on bag when I do take flights, so I’m trying my best to downsize when travelling and this list is a great place to start. Since we tend to holiday in Europe our flights don’t tend to last more than 3 or 4 hours, but since we’re crossing the Atlantic for our honeymoon next year, I figure I might as well get it right now, with plenty of time to spare. This list will be close at hand when it comes to picking out all those things I might need, and I’ll be sure to post a little something on my whole packing experience for that trip once it comes around.

Carry On Essentials

1. Bag [Cath Kidston Travel Bag] – I would suggest a bag bigger than your everyday handbag, but not one that’s going to give you shoulder/back/neck ache when you carry it around filled with stuff. All the items we list here won’t pack completely stuff a bag like this and it’s so cute that who wouldn’t love taking this onboard for all your fellow passengers to see.

2. Entertainment [The Vacationers, iPod Nano, Instyle Magazine] – Sometimes being on an plane with hundreds of strangers is not the most fun you’re going to have, so being entertained and distracted from the crying infants or endless queue of people passing to go to the toilet is simply required to keep you sane. I am a huge fan of using the time for listening to music and reading, so might I suggest you try them to transport you somewhere for a little while, even if it’s all in your head.

3.  Snacks [Your preference] – Plane food doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for quality of good value, so I always like to carry a few snacks onboard with me. These are usually on the healthier side compared to the menu on offer while in the air, which always makes me feel a little better, and I always remember to pop some hard boiled sweets into my bag to ease ear-popping during take-off and landing.

4. Hair Accessories [Scunci Retouch Mini Styling Brush, Hair Bands, Hair Grips] – I don’t know about you, but I don’t leave the house with a comb in my bag – you never know what the weather might be like, and I would hate to be unprepared. I feel like the same goes for flying – you never know how your mane will react during the conditions associated with flying, so I pack any hair essentials, like hair ties, grips and a brush in case I need to tiff things up a bit.

5. Charger [Apple World Travel Adapter Kit] – This one becomes far more essential if your luggage gets lost once the plane hits the ground and your phone is the only way to contact the airline or loved ones. I have on many occasions been known to carry a charger on me, so having one while flying is absolutely no different, I am nothing if not prepared.

6. First Aid Supplies [Travel First Aid Kit] – Someone always gets a cut / burn / insect bite / splinter while travelling, so it’s always worth keeping the remedy to any number of these little incidents in your carry on when taking a trip. Make sure you don’t get one of the kits that contains scissors, or anything else banned on flights, but other than that everyone will be able to come to you during a mini crisis and you’ll have exactly what they need. Yay, you!

7. Painkillers [Many available] – Travel can be super stressful (slow lines, last minute I’ve-forgotten-my-passport scares, uncontrollable children), as well as super dehydrating, so headaches are pretty much par for the course for some people when they take to the skies. Keep pain at bay by packing some painkillers and you won’t have a splitting head to contend with on top of everything else.

8. Hand sanitizer [Many available] – No, we don’t really want to think of all the germs that can be picked up in the airport and on the plane, so it’s best to just pack this and use it in between hand washes to make sure you’re as protected as you can be – the last thing you want when you’ve reached your destination is to get sick. And your fellow travellers will thank you too.

9. Minimal Make-Up [Benefit Mascara, Touche Éclat, Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm] – I refuse to believe that anyone leaves a long flight looking anything like their usual self, so I just like to help things along a little bit by packing my make-up essentials. I don’t bother with anything that I don’t absolutely have to have, so that usually just means opening my eyes a little, covering dark circles or blemishes and hydrating dry lips. I always feel a million times better once I apply a little of each.

10. Large Scarf [ASOS Oversized Knit Scarf] – Planes are cold. For this reason alone, I always pack a large scarf, which I can use either as it is intended, or as a make-shift blanket when I can feel a chill or want to take a nap. You can thank me in a couple of hours, when someone asks one of the flight attendants to crank up the air conditioning and your fellow passengers are shivering in their seats.

11. Moisturising Spray [Moisture Surge Face Spray] – As I’ve mentioned already, air travel is super dehydrating, and your skin will certainly be feeling worse for wear once you leave the flight if you haven’t taken a little bit of care with it. A simple moisturising spray will do just the trick in hydrating your face and getting you on you way to feeling in tip top condition.

12. Eye Mask [Moulded Blackout Eye Mask] – No, it’s never going to be easy to sleep whilst sitting upright in a super cramped plane seat, but let’s just give you a helping hand here in making it as comfortable as possible. An eye mask like this one, especially if it can block out light, will at least give you a head start in getting some z’s while in the air. Might just keep those dark circles at bay too.

13. Neck Pillow [Supersoft Microbead Travel Neck Pillow] – No-one wants to use the passenger sitting next to them as a pillow when they want to take a nap, so why not take a small neck pillow with you to help yourself and those fortunate enough to get a seat next to you stay comfortable. It might even make those painkillers redundant if you can wake up without an awful pain in your neck so win-win.

Extra (not pictured) – Don’t forget to keep all your liquids packed up in Clear Cosmetic Bags, to make them easier for security to take a look over while at the airport – you don’t want to be the one holding everyone up as you search for the little bits strewn through your bag.

Stylish Camping Essentials

If you’re having good weather wherever you are, then I hope that you’re getting to enjoy it as much as we are. I’m not going on vacation this year as we’re saving for our wedding and honeymoon next year but we’re managing to get out and about as much as we can on the sunny weekends, getting to see some of the lovely places around where we live. If we were able to go away for a long weekend this Summer then camping would definitely be one of the types of trips I’d love to take, having never done it before. I’ve picked out a few of the things I might choose to take along if I were to take a trip like that, all stylish as well as practical!

Stylish Camping Essentials

1. Butterfly 2 Man Festival Pop Up Tent | 2. Enamel Camping Mug | 3. Exotic Crush Collection Blanket | 4. Lounger | 5. Lightweight Summer Striped Sleeping Bag | 6. Camping Picnic Set with Cool Bag Backpack | 7. Rose Flask And Cup | 8. Pink Fondant Set Of 12 Picnic Cutlery | 9. Small Stainless Steel Tealight Lantern.