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52 Colours in 52 Weeks, Progress


I’m really enjoying my current challenge of changing the colour of my nails every week. Eventually this will cover a year, but we are currently 6 weeks in and I have donned my nails with a variety of different shades. I may not be so enthusiastic about this challenge 40 or so weeks in when I run out of colour combinations or want to give my nails a break, but I’m willing to keep going with it and seeing the kinds of combos I can come up with through the seasons. Take a look how I’m getting on so far…

52 Colours - 6 Weeks

Week 1: Beauty Bandit (H&M); Week 2: Green with Envy (Rimmel); Week 3: Double Decker Red (Rimmel); Week 4: Neon Pink (Barry M); Week 5: Awol (Topshop) & Heart of Gold (Topshop); Week 6: Paint It On (Topshop)

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