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Secret Santa – £10 or less


Can you believe there’s only 6 weeks until Christmas?! That means we should all be thinking about what gifts we’re going to buy for our nearest and dearest. If you’re like Lucy and I and work in an office, then you may very well be taking part in secret santa as a cheap and easy way to exchange gifts with your colleagues. This usually involves setting a limit of between £5 and £15, so I’ve had a little look around the web and put together a few of my favourite festive gifts, each costing less than £10.


1. Christmas Friendship Bracelet; 2. Baubles Hand Warmers; 3. Christmas Cupcake Decorator Set; 4. Santa Stanley Mug; 5. Grow Your Own Christmas Dinner; 6. Frosty The Melting Snowman; 7. Grey reindeer toe sock

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