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Hana’s Instagram Birthday


Lucy posted her delightful Instagram photos yesterday, so it’s my turn to document our birthday in pictures.

1. The morning of our birthday. We made it a point this year to take lots of photos of our birthday celebrations as we barely took any for our 26th.

2. My boy took me out for a delicious meal at a local pub in the evening. I ate sooo much food.

3. On Saturday our parents took us out for lunch in Nicholls in Abergavenny.

4. Couldn’t resist having a honeycomb hot chocolate after lunch on Saturday, especially in this adorable cup.

5. As you can tell from the previous photos, we went out for food a lot this weekend, including Saturday night with our close family.

6. I bought the boyfriend tickets for The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff for his birthday, which falls a week before mine, so this is me by the tardis.


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