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2 Years Online


Today marks our second anniversary of being online, and the time has just flown by! But then it also feels like just yesterday when we first began sharing our thoughts with you – it’s nice to see that what we posted is still quite similar to what you see here today – recipes, fashion inspiration, travel, interior design, and all those things that make life lovely. We still love all the same things we did then, we’ve just come a little way in how this place functions and how we present things, so we hope you’re still sticking with us. In fact, I’ve recently been taking a little look back at what we first posted about in May 2011, and it’s fun to see the kind of things that inspired us to start this blog in the first place. The first post was about our love for all things vintage, and we still go gaga for those old-fashioned things that have a story behind them, so things haven’t really changed too much. It is still our goal to continue this blog for as long as we possibly can, documenting our life stories along the way, as well as bringing you the very best in everything pretty. So, if you like what you see, then do keep coming back. We’ve really upped the posting over the past year and are normally posting every day, even on weekends, so there’s plenty to see each time you visit. I would really love to be posting several times a day, but this isn’t possible just now with working full-time, but maybe sometime in the future, this could happen. For now, we’re thrilled to be celebrating this milestone, as having this blog is such a great thing for us, a way to share our passions with you guys, and have a wonderful creative outlet. Here’s to many, many more years to come.

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