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I’m not sure about you but when I think of summer, something that instantly comes to mind is flowers, so it’s lovely to make the most of being outdoors amongst all the bright and beautiful colours. Thankfully, so far this summer, we’ve had lots of lovely weather, but when we’re not so lucky, it’s nice bring some of the outdoors indoors by adding a bit of floral print to any room you choose.


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Seaside Summer Sunsets

My boy and I are lucky to live pretty near to the sea – we don’t get to appreciate it all that much when we’re working on when the weather is bad, but at the start of the past weekend we decided to take a late evening drive down to the sea front and take a leisurely stroll while it was warm and the sun was going down. It was a gorgeous evening, and it was lovely to really appreciate the light summer nights and the sounds of the water against the rocks. We had a cheeky cone of chips and took some photos before heading home for a glass of wine to start the weekend off right. There won’t be too many more Summer weekends left once August comes around, but I really do hope we make it back there a couple of times before it gets dark and cold once again.

Summer Sunsets 1

Summer Sunsets 2

Summer Sunsets 3

Summer Sunsets 4

Summer Sunsets 5

Summer Sunsets 6

Summer Sunsets 7

Photo Credit: Lucy

Photo Gift Ideas

Personalised gifts are my favourite and you don’t get more personal than incorporating a photo you’ve taken into a gift for another person. You can create a unique, one-off  present that any recipient will love. There are so many companies these days that print your photos or Instagram pictures on to various different items including cushions, cases for your phones and tablets, and some even create jigsaw puzzles.


001. Cushion – Asda | 002. Jigsaw Puzzle – Photobox | 003. iPad Case – Sticky 9 | 004. Tote Bag – Tesco | 005. iPhone 5 Case - Jessops | 006. Mug – Zazzle

Packed lunch ideas

When you work full-time it can be difficult to find time to prepare a proper lunch to take with you, so then you’re left buying something in work, where they may not have the best choice available. Below I’ve put together some quick, easy and yummy selections that will mean you can eat healthily without spending ages in the kitchen. Why not try a simple salad stuffed into a pitta or accompanied with crackers and cheese. And for dessert? Take a selection of fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, grapes and blackberries.


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10 Wedding Bouquets to Inspire

I haven’t booked our florist for the wedding quite yet, nor do I know the exact mix of flowers that I’d like in my bouquet and those of my bridesmaids. That doesn’t, however, stop me from filling a Pinterest board with all kinds of florals that inspire and attract me. From what I’ve been pinning, I think pastels are going to be the rule of thumb, maybe even with succulents included. We’re getting married in June, so we should have a ton of choices when it comes to what we eventually pick, but I’ve always had a soft spot for peonies and roses, so I hope to have them included somewhere.

10 Wedding Bouquets

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