Wedding Dress Inspiration

In one month I’m having my first dress fitting – to say I’m excited would be a pretty big understatement. Since our wedding day will have been 23 months in the making by the time it comes around, it’s so good to start thinking more seriously about things – ordering flowers, picking suits, buying decorations – all this stuff seemed so far away back when we got engaged over 15 months ago. One thing I haven’t touched upon here so far is the dress; of course, I won’t be revealing to you guys ‘the one’ but I thought I’d pick out a few of the dresses that have inspired me along the way, just so you can see a little of my vision and what I might have chosen. I can’t wait to get into it again, this one made just for me, with all the other elements in place, it’ll make everything seem that much more real heading towards Christmas and the 6 month mark!

Wedding Dress Inspiration

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DIY: Simple Gold Painted Pumpkins

Gold Painted Pumpkins

Last year, the pumpkins in our house were super pretty – a little mixture of plain, metallic and glittered (see here) – and I loved them. This year, to go with the Mini Pumpkin Place Settings, I thought I’d keep it simple with just a bit of gold paint. I bought a few different shaped pumpkins, for a bit of interest, and just went with whichever patterns took my fancy. The thing with anything like this is that I don’t want it to look perfect or neat, I want it to be rustic and most definitely with imperfections. And the pumpkins I bought this year weren’t nearly as perfectly rounded, clean and free of dings and misshapen areas, so it all pretty much worked in my favour.

Gold Painted Pumpkins 2

The instructions here are pretty simple – grab some acrylic paint, in a colour that’s going to stand out – think white, black and metallics, some paint brushes, and go to town covering the pumpkins in whatever patterns you feel like.

Gold Painted Pumpkins 3

Gold Painted Pumpkins 4

Gold Painted Pumpkins 5

Gold Painted Pumpkins 6

Gold Painted Pumpkins 7

A Wedding & Getting Sick


A Family Wedding & Getting Sick

This weekend has been a bit of a mixed bag…and super busy. We had a wonderful time celebrating the wedding of my fiancé’s sister, staying a couple of nights away from home and getting involved in all the festivities. Only slightly blighting the weekend was the fact that I started to feel sick from Friday and have pretty much been feeling crappy ever since. Blocked sinuses, headaches, a sore throat, it doesn’t feel good at all, but I’m hoping I’m on the back end of it now and over the next few days I’ll get back to feeling tip top. Have a great Monday.

Style Saturday: Halloween Costumes

I adore Halloween, and I really wish we had big plans to celebrate this year, however, we don’t have anything much to do right now. I love dressing up, putting a big effort in and spending some time with loved ones on such a fun holiday and searching for costumes online is something I very much enjoy. Over the years, when going out with our friends, we’ve gone with a few different kinds of costumes, from the fun to the flirty, but I’m really drawn to the creepy looks this year and I find myself wanting to grab some face paint and go all out with something scary. Now, some of the costumes here aren’t what you might consider super scary, but they’re all definitely on the eerie side and I would have great fun dressing up as any of these. Someone invite me to a Halloween party!

Style Saturday: Halloween Costumes

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P.S. This is our 1,000th post! That’s pretty exciting and I’m glad that we’re still going strong, 3 and a half years in. Thanks for sticking with us guys.

Sequin Table Linen Inspiration

I’m not really one for following trends for our wedding – it doesn’t really bother me what colours will be ‘in’ next year, or what we should be serving our guests for the wedding breakfast – for me, it’s all about what we like as a couple and what type of event will suit us the most. There are a few elements of our big day which may have been considered on trend at some point, like giant balloons, tassel garlands and succulents as centrepieces, but it really isn’t a consideration for me when I’m scanning through Pinterest for ideas that I like. However, having said all that, one thing which I’m seeing around at the moment, which I’ve totally fallen in love with, is sequin table linens. From the very beginning of the planning process I knew I wanted pops of metallics mixed in with the aqua/mint-coral theme and have been picking up gold pieces for the tables (as well as for the feet of me and the girls) ever since. I definitely want to incorporate some sequin table linen into the day and have been picking up a ton of inspiration. Here are some of my favourites.

Sequin Table Linen

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Instagram Update: July & August

Other than a slight blip in the weather at the beginning of July it was a glorious month of sunshine so we made the most of it by spending as much time outside as possible. We spent days with my nephew which are always some of my favourite days and spent time as a family. As I’ve mentioned many times, in August I was lucky enough to go to Mexico and while there I got engaged. It was an amazing way to end the summer and hopefully will give way to an enjoyable autumn.