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Moving House Again


House Photo

It’s time for myself and my husband to move house again. We bought and moved into our first home four years ago and it’s time for us to move on from it, into something bigger and more suited to our new wants and needs. It’s in a city the other side of the city we both grew up in, but it’s closer to our parents and has a very up-and-coming vibe. It’s newly renovated but very much a blank canvas so we are able to put our stamp on it in the months that follow moving in, so we’re very excited. Hopefully everything goes through without any problems and we can move in in the coming weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for us and I hope to bring you house updates along the way.

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My First Anniversary


First Anniversary

A year ago today, it was my wedding day and I was marrying the man of my dreams. In a world so full of darkness and hate, I am so grateful to have found the man who makes me smile and laugh every day and that we get to do life together. We’ve had a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the last 12 months with some illness, but we have come out of it stronger and I can’t wait to tackle the next year together and better than ever.


New Products in the Shop



The time has come to add some lovely new items to our shop. We’ve gone with a variety of products, including a quote mug, a tote bag, a personalised baby onesie and a personalised hen party memories book. We love all of these items and hope you do too. Click the picture above or the links below to take a look for yourself.

Hello There Little One Personalised Onsie // Live What You Love Tote Bag // Good Morning Sunshine Mug // Personalised Hen Party Memories Book

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Gift Idea: DIY Subscription Style Gift Box – Month 2


Subscription Month Two 1

You may remember last month I posted about creating a subscription style gift box to use as the perfect present for a loved one to receive, not only on the special occasion, but for a few months after too. The gift that keeps on giving! Here is what I’ve created for month two – another delightful mixture of little treasures to enjoy, beauty products and stationery, and a few bits in between. Have a go of putting your own together if you like, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for everyone in your life.

Subscription Month Two 2

Subscription Month Two 3

Subscription Month Two 4

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A Flower Show


Flower Show 1

Nothing says Summer to me like an abundance of flowers. Walking around amongst the colourful blooms always cheers me up, so I jump at the chance to go along to a flower show and take photos of all that’s around me. It was a lovely day when we went along to one a couple of weeks ago, and it made the perfect conditions to enjoy the flowers, sample some of the delicious food and generally have a thoroughly lovely day. I took a few photos, if you’d like to see.

Flower Show 2

Flower Show 3

Flower Show 4

Flower Show 5

Flower Show 6

Flower Show 7

Flower Show 8

Flower Show 9

Flower Show 10