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10 Photobooth Backdrops

April 24, 2015

Photobooths at weddings are a big thing. And I wasn’t sure I wanted in on it when we first started going through our plans for our big day. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to incorporate one in some way, as I’m hugely into photos and constantly use them to create memories of the best times I’ve had. I knew I didn’t want to spend hundreds on hiring one for a few hours, although I’m sure many people would consider it to be worth the spend, so I thought that perhaps it might be an idea to create one myself. Now, we’re talking basics here people – just setting up my DSLR on a tripod with a remote attached and a pretty little backdrop to stand a couple of metres away. We’re in the final planning stages at this point and are about to embark on the making of said backdrop, so I’ve been spending some time looking for inspiration on the subject. Here are 10 of my favourite photobooth backdrops I’ve found during my search. After the wedding, I hope to bring you some information and pictures of what we came up with (if it’s successful), so keep a look out for that.

Photo Booth Backdrops

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Everyday Life - Family

A Day at the Beach

April 23, 2015

I love being able to pick up and head to the beach so easily. I suppose sometimes I take it for granted that I can drive for a little over 15 minutes and get to the sea, when so many people are so far from it. That’s why we try to get to the sand and the water as much as we possibly can and really make the most of it during the sunniest months of the year. We were lucky enough to have pretty nice weather this Easter and so we chose to take a little trip to the beach for our mum’s birthday, which happened to fall on Easter Monday. We all got into the car and drove a little way to get to some gorgeous coast line in the sunshine. And it was a great day. Here are a few photos of our day, if you’d like to see.

A Day at the Beach 1

A Day at the Beach 2

A Day at the Beach 3

A Day at the Beach 4

A Day at the Beach 5

A Day at the Beach 6

A Day at the Beach 7

A Day at the Beach 8

A Day at the Beach 9

A Day at the Beach 10

A Day at the Beach 11

A Day at the Beach 12

A Day at the Beach 13

A Day at the Beach 14

A Day at the Beach 15

A Day at the Beach 16



April 22, 2015

Bareskin 1You know by now that I love experimenting with different make-up products to find the best pieces to add to my collection. This week it’s the turn of BareMinerals most recent creation, their liquid foundation. I’ve previously used their powder foundations (see here and here), so wondered how they would fare ¬†going into the liquid market. I have to say that although I’ve loved using the powders, I’ve always been a liquid girl at heart as was excited to give this new formula a go considering how much I adore BareMinerals as a brand.

Bareskin 2

Bareskin 3

Bareskin 4

I was colour matched at a local BareMinerals counter by one of their representatives, having been recommended the perfect shade for me (Bare Linen – a light shade with neutral undertones), and bought both the foundation itself as well as the Perfecting Face brush. It does bother me a little that I feel like I have to buy a specific brush each time I buy a new BareMinerals foundation, but I suppose that’s how they make a big chunk of their money and it does appear to be the best choice for applying it correctly.

Bareskin 5

Bareskin 6

Bareskin 7

It’s a pretty simple application too. Just shake the bottle, drop a small amount of the foundation into the hollow of the brush before buffing into the skin. Repeat with more drops all over your face depending on how much coverage you want. 2 drops is light, 4 drops is medium and 6 drops is more full.

Bareskin 8

Bareskin 9

Bareskin 10

After applying it my skin feels much more even in tone, without feeling weighed down by product. It has such a soft and silky texture that it actually feels beneficial to be wearing it and I’m looking forward to seeing brighter and more even tone on an every day basis. I don’t know if this will be my permanent foundation when this current bottle runs out, but it’s certainly a strong contender. I used the extra products featured in the photo above, as well as the Bareskin, to get the look shown above.

Blogger's Note - Everyday Life

We’re Back!

April 21, 2015

Yes, we’ve been down for two and a half weeks and yes, it’s been the most frustrating time ever for us! We’ve been changing hosts and for some reason it’s been inexplicably slow to get things switched over, so I’ve been working super hard to get it all sorted in the shortest amount of time possible. At least we’re back with a brand new look, which I’m totally in love with, so everything looks a bit more swish over here. Our normal posting schedule should shortly be resuming, so I hope you keep heading back to see all our new goings-on. We’re so glad to be back, we’re glad you’re here with us too.


Happy Easter Weekend

April 3, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Whatever you’re doing, however you’re celebrating, whoever you’re spending time with, just enjoy it. We all like times of year like this for different reasons – mine is definitely the time I get to spend with my family – so just choose to do something relaxing and that suits you just right. Happy Easter weekend everybody.