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A Little More About Us

October 6, 2015

You might have been seeing some new photos of us around the site and around our social media (which we gave a little round up of in yesterday’s post), which were taken during a photoshoot we did last month (you can see the pictures here and here). With this new look we thought it was about time we updated our About Us page to reflect these changes and give any new visitors to the site a little insight into the team behind the blog. Here’s a little look at what we’re revealing about ourselves.



go-to-drink: iced caramel macchiato
celebrity crush: joe manganiello
favourite time of year: summer
guilty pleasure: watching fixer upper
favourite disney character: baymax
three favourite TV shows: scandal, scream queens, hannibal
celebrity style icon: lauren conrad
favourite holiday destination: florida
quote i love: “with brave wings she flies”
favourite colour: gold








go-to-drink: hot chocolate
celebrity crush: chris hemsworth
favourite time of year: christmas
guilty pleasure: doritos and dip
favourite disney character: bambi
three favourite TV shows: scandal, the walking dead, game of thrones
celebrity style icon: jessica alba
favourite holiday destination: mexico
quote i love: “if you’re making mistakes it means you’re out there doing things”
favourite colour: turquoise






Blogger's Note - Everyday Life

Social Media Update

October 5, 2015

We’ve just made the decision to start up an official Creative Wish Instagram account, to join together all our favourite blog-related images in one place, rather than split them between our two individual accounts. Plus, it means we can keep you updated with all our latest blog posts, without bombarding our personal followers with too many pictures. We thought this was the ideal opportunity to do a quick social media update, letting you know where you can find us online, away from the blog. Take a look below and visit, if you’re interested.

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Shopping - Travel

My US Shopping Wishlist

October 2, 2015

My husband and I are off on our honeymoon in a couple of short weeks, and I can’t wait to hop on that plane and spend some amazing time together, creating ‘just married’ memories that we’ll treasure forever. We’re headed to Orlando to take in the theme parks, relax by a pool and enjoy some shopping, so I thought it’d be fun to make a little list of the things I’m looking to pick up while we’re there. So many products and brands are cheaper in the States than in the UK, so I’ll be taking advantage of that, as well as products that aren’t available to us at all. I’ll be sure to let you know what I buy when we return, but for now, here’s my wish list!

My US Shopping Wishlist

A Kate Spade New York bag

I’ve been wanting one for years, but they are quite a bit more expensive in the UK, so I’ve never been able to justify such a big purchase. But I’ve been saving for a while now and I’m excited to finally get my hands on one, at a cheaper price and because my honeymoon is a good enough time as any to make the big leap!

Sephora beauty products

I hear so much about how awesome Sephora is for beauty products from those visiting the US, so I’m really looking forward to stepping into one of their stores myself and hopefully stocking up on some old favourites, as well as some new items.

LC Lauren Conrad clothing

I’m looking forward to seeing this line, especially the Runway collection, in the flesh and picking up a few pieces, considering how big a fan of Lauren Conrad I am. I’ve managed to pick up one item from the line from eBay previously and felt it was great quality, so I’m excited about grabbing some more pieces.

Disney products

This is primarily a Disney trip, so I’m be picking up a bunch of stuff while we’re there and I’m actually looking forward to seeing what’s on offer given that it’s been 12 years since I last visited. I’m hoping to stick to the more subtle items than anything overly garish or tacky, so hopefully I’ll come back with plenty of lovely things for our home.

Fresh Sugar products

I feel like this is a cult classic and so I’m excited to pick up a couple of products when I’m out in the US. I’m a total sucker for lip balms and the like, so I’m sure I’ll fall in love with a bunch of things and will be cramming them into my suitcase as best as I can.

Craft Ideas - DIY - Our Weddings

DIY: Decorated mason jars

October 1, 2015

Painted jars 1


  • Mason jar
  • Chalk paint
  • Sponge brush
  1. Mix the chalk paint thoroughly to make sure you get an even colour throughout the pot.
  2. Paint the outside of the jar.
  3. Wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying your second coat.
  4. Depending how rustic you want the jar to look, you can apply a third coat to create more of a coverage.
  5. Wait for your final coat of paint to dry and add your chosen flowers.

Painted jars 2

Painted jars 3

Painted jars 4

Painted jars 5

Painted jars 6

Painted jars 7

Painted jars 8