My Favourite Instagram Accounts

May 29, 2015

Instagram is easily my favourite social media platform. All the others are great, of course, but a place to showcase beautiful images would always be my first choice for browsing. Although I try to limit the amount of time I spend on there, I still spend plenty of time scrolling through all the amazing and inspiring photos that capture everyday lives so effortlessly. I don’t claim to have the prettiest Instagram, I leave that up to the best of the best, but I do love joining in on getting pretty snippets online, so I post as much as I can. Here are just some of my favourite Instagram accounts, in case you want to take a look.

Favourite Instagram Accounts

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Interior Design - Shopping

Bar Carts

May 28, 2015

I’m making it one of my top priorities to have a bar cart/drinks trolley in our next home. I love the idea of quickly being able to serve drinks to any guests we might have, as well as it be a stylish way to display drink and it be a focal point of its given room. There are so many pretty ones out there and I look forward to finding the perfect one for our home when the time comes. I’ve seen so much inspiration online when it comes to styling a cart, so I look forward to that too, maybe I’ll do a post about that closer to the time. For now, here are a few carts that have caught my eye.

Bar Carts

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Photography - Wedding Inspiration

10 Ways to Display Photos at Your Wedding

May 27, 2015

Some people like to have photos on display at their wedding – whether that’s photos of the couple through the years, photos of an engagement shoot, or their loved ones on their wedding days – and there are a ton of different ways you can do this. We’re having a couple dotted around our table plan and that’s pretty much it, but I love looking around at how other couples have chosen to do it, as they are so cute and imaginative. Here are my 10 favourites.

Photo Displays

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Babies - Everyday Life

What Would Your Name Be if You Were Born Today?

May 26, 2015

It’s funny to think how much name trends change your perception of how old a person is. For example, you may be able to guess the decade that someone named ‘Britney’ or ‘Sarah’ was born based purely on their first name. Of course there are always anomalies in this approach, as I’m sure there are a bunch of young ‘Elizabeths’ or ‘Dianas’, but these things usually follow a steady trend and it’s fun to see how much it’s changed. On you can pop your details into their little app and it’ll tell you how popular your name was back in the year you were born and then convert that to today’s popular names and figure out what you might have been called if you were born now. You can also see what your name might have been in every other decade from the 1890s to 2000s. It can pull up some funny results, if your name wasn’t super popular back in that year (my name was the 392nd most popular name back in 1986) and it’s also American, which can skew it if you’re from another country where your name would’ve been more popular, but it’s still fun to see. Give it a go for yourself, if you’d like, by clicking here.

Name 2015

My Name

Lucy's Wedding - Photography

Our Engagement Photo Book

May 25, 2015

Engagement Photo Book

You know by now that I like to make the most out of photos of my family and I, rather than just leave them on a phone or computer gathering dust and no actual views. As soon as we received our engagement shoot photos back from our photographer, Albert Palmer, I knew I would be printing them in some shape or form. They will play a part in the guestbook at the wedding, but I also wanted them printed out for me to look at whenever I wanted to. I didn’t just want prints in an album, that was a little boring for my taste, so when I saw that Photobox had a bunch of offers on a few weeks ago I went about putting together a photo book. Here’s a little about the process and the other resources I used.

Engagement Photo Book 2

Engagement Photo Book 3

I started by sifting through the photos and dropping out any that I didn’t feel would add anything to an album – either because they were just too similar to other shots, or I just plain didn’t like how we looked in them. I ended up with 59 photos, cut down from 70. I then decided which one were better suited to colour and black and white and saved them separately from the original photos.

Engagement Photo Book 4

Engagement Photo Book 5

I then decided to purchase some quick pages from Paislee Press – these are pre-made scrapbook-style pages that you simply add photos to to create a layout ready for printing for your desired purpose. I used some of them directly as they were, I edited a few to create more photo windows or to join a couple of pages together, whatever I felt made best use of the photos and the number of pages I had to work with (I chose a 40 page photo book). They were also designed to fit square scrapbook pages, but the photo book was rectangular, so I took that into consideration when placing my photos and text/brushes.

Engagement Photo Book 6

Engagement Photo Book 7

Once I saved all of my designs and decided where they would go, I started to create the book in Photobox’s easy to use design studio. As I had designed the pages myself, I didn’t use any of their multi-photo layouts and stuck to full photo layouts which fit each whole page. It was so easy to put together, the longest part of the process being the designing of the pages, but the designs from Paislee Press made it much easier and were beautiful to include.

Engagement Photo Book 8

Engagement Photo Book 9

In terms of the photo book itself, it’s quality is what you’d expect from a large, reasonably priced printing company – it is great quality without being exceptional. I got it during a sale, so got a better deal, and I’m not sure I’d have paid full price, but I’m definitely pleased with what we’ve ended up with. When it comes to wedding albums, I will be looking more high-end than this, but our budget didn’t stretch that far for our engagement book and I’m absolutely fine with that as I love the book. The lay flat look is perfect for seeing every bit of your images and I also paid extra for the gorgeous matte finish cover, so overall, I’m extremely happy with how we’ve chosen to display our images. I can’t wait to show our families what we’ve done with the photos, and I look forward to looking back at them for many years to come.

Engagement Photo Book 10

Photo book printed by Photobox / Scrapbook designs by Paislee Press / Photos by Albert Palmer.